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We are the leading provider of binaural beats music therapy, and to date have helped thousands of people all over the world improve their lives through our special music.

Whether you want to reduce stress and tension in the body, improve sleep, or increase focus and productivity at work, our binaural beats music can help.

As well as the store above, we have separated our binaural beats downloads into specific categories to help you discover what you are looking for. The categories are as follows:

As well as our standard, signature binaural beats music, we also have a subliminal messaging range.

These tracks include binaural beats and subliminal positive messaging; helping with areas such as confidence, weight loss, addiction, and more.

If you are familiar with the brainwave states and know which type of download you are looking for, you can shop by brain state using the following categories:

How to Get Started

Simply choose your downloads above by clicking on the product thumbnails above.

Doing so will take you to the relevant product’s page where you can listen to a sample and read more information.

If we have a discount deal on, the reduction in price will be added automatically in the cart for you.

You might also want to look at our readymade pack deals, which comprise a number of popular products in a specific area such as health, mindfulness, and mind power.

Remember that if you want to try a sample of our music, you can check out our free download here. You’ll also receive a copy of our free user guide.

If you want to read more about how our special music works, you can do that on our about page. We also have a number of scientific study references listed on our key benefits page.

Why Choose Us?

Our products are created by producers with over 20 year’s experience in meditation and music production.

We have extensive expertise in the area of brainwave entrainment and how sound is able to influence the mind and body.

Rather than using generic overlay sounds of rainfall or forest ambience, we produce unique, individual compositions for each of our products.

We focus heavily on creating a pleasurable listening experience, making sure that the instrumentation and sounds blend harmonically with the binaural beats frequencies underneath the track.

We seek to provide the best value we can to our users. For example, all our downloads come with 30 and 60-minute versions as standard. And depending on the product, additional versions are provided.

Our Customer Commitment

We provide support to our users 7 days a week, with limited support on weekends.

All emails are answered personally, within 24 hours, and NOT run through a support system that keeps you waiting for days on end.

In addition, your purchases have a lifetime guarantee.

This means that if you ever lose your downloads, you will always be able to get a replacement. Indeed, this can simply be done by logging into your account – which is created automatically for you after purchase.

How to Use Our Special Music

Some of our products are designed to be listened to while relaxing or meditation, while others can be used while working or doing other tasks such as reading, writing, or even gardening.

We advise is that you do not listen to our music while driving or operating machinery. This is because in some cases listening may relax you very deeply and cause loss of concentration.

For more information on individual products, please refer to the product description on the individual product pages.

To access a product’s description, and to listen to a 1-minute sample of the track, click on any of the thumbnail images above.

To use our music, you simply have to slip on your headphones, relax and press play.

To get the most out of your listening experience, please refer to the tips in your user guide (provided with your order). The guide also gives you some background on the science behind our music and how it has gained popularity in recent years.

If you have any questions, you can refer to our FAQ guide, or contact us using this form.

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