Health Meditation Pack
Health Meditation Pack
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Health Meditation Pack

$ 39.99

Audio Tracks: 7
Track Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tones

The Health Meditation Pack contains 7 meditation downloads, each designed to improve a specific area of health and wellbeing such as sleep, anxiety, memory, immunity, and energy.

For a description of each meditation, please read the notes below.


1. Chakra Healing (7 Chakra Frequencies)

Chakra Healing cycles through your 7 Chakras, activating and clearing blockages. A powerful meditation, you will physically feel each Chakra being worked upon as it is stimulated by its corresponding frequency, leaving your energy ecosystem feeling rejuvenated and tension free.

2. Deep Sleep (Delta)

Deep Sleep promotes the production of Delta waves to help you sleep deeper for longer. You can listen up to an hour before you sleep, in bed before going to sleep, or while you sleep. Deep Sleep helps you get the restorative sleep your body requires for optimal health.

3. Chill Pill (Theta)

Chill Pill sweeps away stress and negativity from your mind, leaving you feeling happier, calmer and more present. Chill Pill is perfect for creating that much needed mental spaciousness during times of stress and difficulty, and for just simply chilling out after a hard day.

4. Energy Express (Beta)

Energy Express stimulates and wakes the brain by promoting the production of wakeful Beta waves, helping you overcome the fatigue barrier. Energy Express is the ideal listen after a late night, and for those times when you’re struggling with low productivity and procrastination as a result of tiredness or illness.

5. Anxiety Release (Alpha/Theta)

Anxiety Release relaxes the mind for inner calm, soothing symptoms of anxiety such as nervousness, stomach butterflies, sweating, shaking, nausea, and tiredness. Anxiety Release is the ideal meditation to listen to when you are worried, before a big event, or simply when you want to de-stress and bring your mind back to center.

6. Immunity Booster (Alpha)

Research shows that listening to relaxing music promotes better immune system function. The Immunity Booster meditation builds on this by using Alpha waves to create a state of contemplative relaxation. Doing so reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, and promotes better healing and immunity.

7. Memory Enhancer (Gamma)

Memory Enhancer helps fight memory decline and mild cognitive impairment by promoting the production of Gamma brain waves at 40 Hz. Studies have shown this process stimulates the connections between neurons and in turn enhances data recall and long-term memory ability.