Health Meditation Pack

$ 34.99

Audio Tracks: 6
Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 Minute Versions

The Health Meditation Pack contains six meditations, each designed to improve a specific area of health and wellbeing. Each meditation is provided in a 30 and 60 minute version.

For a description of each meditation, please read the notes below.

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Product Description

1. Chakra Healing (Alpha/Theta)

Chakra Healing rejuvenates your energy ecosystem by cycling through your 7 Chakras, activating and clearing blockages one by one. One of our most powerful recordings, you will physically feel each Chakra being worked upon as it is stimulated by its corresponding frequency, leaving your mind and body feeling refreshed and tension free.

2. Deep Sleep (Delta)

Deep Sleep promotes the production of Delta waves – the dominant form of brainwaves that occur when you’re in the deep sleep stages of your cycle. In addition, the music is tuned to 174 Hertz, which is known on the ancient music scale as a natural relaxant. Listening 1-2 hours before you sleep, or while going to sleep, will promote natural sleepiness that assists in helping you get the restorative sleep your body requires for optimal health.

3. Anxiety Release (Alpha/Theta)

Anxiety Release evokes inner calm and confidence, warding off symptoms of anxiety such as stomach butterflies, sweating, shaking, nausea and tiredness. Anxiety Release is the ideal meditation to listen to before a big occasion, or simply when you want to de-stress and bring your mind back home.

4. Energy Express (Beta)

Energy Express massages, stimulates and wakes the brain for peak mental and physical performance. Energy Express is the ideal listen after a late night, and for those times when you’re struggling with low productivity and procrastination.

5. Chill Pill (Theta)

Chill Pill sweeps away stress and negative thoughts and emotions, leaving you feeling happier, calmer and ready to face the world with a composed, balanced state of mind. Chill Pill is perfect for cultivating mental spaciousness during times of stress and challenge.

6. Memory Enhancer (Gamma)

Memory Enhancer combats memory decline and mild cognitive impairment by entraining the brain with gamma waves at 40 Hz. Studies have shown this process stimulates the connections between neurons and in turn enhances data recall and long-term memory ability.