Stop Smoking Meditation
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Stop Smoking Meditation

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  • Stop Smoking

Length: 30 & 60-minute versions
Also Includes: 1-hour audible affirmations version / 2-hour silent subliminal version
Sound Design: Natural rainfall, relaxing piano, calming pads
Sound Waves: Theta

The Stop Smoking Meditation program is an effective way to help you quit this unhealthy habit for good.

Using a combination of positive subliminal affirmations and music designed for deep relaxation, our special music will significantly reduce cravings, minimize withdrawal symptoms, and help you develop the strong willpower required to take control and succeed.

  • Have you tried to give up smoking but keep going back for “one last smoke”?
  • Are you trying to give up for the first time and need a bit of extra help?
  • Are you worried about the health effects of smoking: cancer, heart disease, lung disease?
  • Do you want to avoid buying expensive nicotine patches and other over-the-counter remedies?

Giving up smoking is all about willpower. It isn't just the nicotine addiction you need to overcome, but the daily habitual behaviors that lead you to reach into your pocket and light up.

As a smoker, your subconscious mind is hard-wired to believe you need a cigarette in specific circumstances. For example: first thing in the morning, after a meal, after sexual intercourse, when you feel stressed out, and as soon as you sit down with a coffee or an alcoholic drink.

Your conscious mind is telling you that you want to stop, but your subconscious mind compels you to smoke and makes you believe that “you need a cigarette”.

The first week can be intense, and people experience at least one or more of the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • tingling in the hands and feet
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • abdominal cramps
  • constipation and gas
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • difficulty concentrating
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • depression

The good news is that quitting can be made easier. The first step is to make a decision to quit, right now!

Statistics show that the best way to quit is to go cold turkey and stop abruptly, and not to try and “cut down”.

In a randomized, controlled study, those who quit abruptly did 25% better than the gradual cessation group. At the half-year stage, 22% of the cold-turkey group were still smoke-free, while just 15% of the gradual group were smoke-free.

The second step is to develop bulletproof willpower. You need to believe that you can succeed, that you can fight off the cravings and overcome all temptation.

Our Stop Smoking Meditation can help you develop a “quit smoking mindset”, and help you leave smoking in the past.

How the Stop Smoking Meditation Works

Our Stop Smoking Meditation boosts your chances of quitting by reprograming your subconscious beliefs around smoking, and by increasing your willpower threshold.

The audio program contains subliminal messages that imprint self-empowering beliefs in your subconscious mind.

These specially sequenced trigger phrases will help minimize cravings, boost willpower and re-build a new sense of self that is healthy, vibrant and free from the grip of nicotine addiction.

Featured Affirmations

Below is a list of the affirmations included in the Stop Smoking audio program:

  1. I am in control of my mind
  2. I will stop smoking
  3. I value my health
  4. I appreciate every breath I take
  5. I am in control of my cravings
  6. Stopping smoking is easy
  7. I let go of the past and embrace the future
  8. I am completely relaxed
  9. I love breathing fresh air
  10. I am a non-smoker
  11. I welcome my new life
  12. New opportunity exists in every moment
  13. I choose a long and prosperous life
  14. My willpower is rock solid
  15. I will succeed   

In addition to the subliminal affirmations, the music contains Theta binaural beats frequencies. These frequencies create a state of hyper-receptivity to the subliminal messaging.

The music is also designed to induce deep relaxation, which is perfect for fighting off feelings of stress and anxiety during the first week of quitting.

The subliminal messaging will remove the negative, self-limiting beliefs that decrease your willpower and lead you back to nicotine dependence. Negative beliefs are replaced with positive beliefs that will help you overcome your battle with withdrawal symptoms.

The Stop Smoking Meditation program will help you do the following:

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind with positive beliefs around your ability to overcome this addiction and quit for good
  • Reduce uncomfortable cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Develop the willpower to resist temptation in social and solitary situations
  • Avoid buying expensive nicotine patches – which have a less than 15% (1 year) success rate
  • Make a commitment to quit smoking today and get the help you need, naturally!

How to Use the Stop Smoking Meditation

The Stop Smoking audio program comes with 3 different versions of the music:

  • Track 1 (30 min & 1-hour versions): Music featuring Theta binaural beats and subliminal affirmations. Headphones required for full effects.
  • Track 2 (1-hour version): Music featuring Theta binaural beats and audible affirmations. Headphones required for full effects, but listening through speakers will also offer the benefit of positive reinforcement through the audible affirmations.
  • Track 3: (2-hour version): Silent affirmations recording. No music can be heard. Headphones not required.

There are three possible listening methods for the music tracks contained in the Stop Smoking Meditation package:

Method 1:

Using headphones: For the full experience and benefits, listen through headphones.  You can choose to be seated or lie down, whichever you prefer. Please note that the Theta soundwaves (frequencies) used within the music will relax you, so do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Method 2:

Though speakers (no headphones): You can listen while you work, read or engage in any other activity whereby you are in earshot of the music. You can also listen while you sleep.

Please note that listening in this way will not have the added relaxing effect of the Theta soundwaves (requires headphones for full effectiveness). That said, the musical composition is designed to be relaxing, so you will still feel a sense of peace and calm. Listening in this way will also give you the full subconscious entrainment of the subliminal affirmations.

Method 3 (Silent affirmations track):

With or without headphones: You can listen to the silent affirmations track using headphones or through speakers.

To do this, we have provided you with a 2-hour version of the silent audio track, which solely contains just the subliminal affirmations (no music or Theta soundwaves).

You won't actually hear anything when listening to this track, but the subconscious entrainment will still be effective, and of course useful when you don't want music on, or have other people in earshot that you don't want to distract. It also means you can listen on repeat, which is ideal when you are sleeping.

We recommend that you use the Stop Smoking meditation for as long as you have cravings, or until you intuitively feel that you are able to control temptation. You can also use the music at any time in the future to further reinforce your willpower and control.

Let our Stop Smoking Meditation help you quit cigarettes for good!