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Release The Past
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Release The Past

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  • Release The Past

Length: 30 & 60-minute versions
Also Includes: 2-hour silent subliminal version / 1-hour audible affirmations version
Sound Design: Soft pads, gentle piano, soothing flute
Sound Waves: Alpha

Release The Past will help you accept and overcome the past experiences holding you back from embracing the present moment and moving forward positively with your life.

Using a combination of subliminal affirmations and our signature binaural beats, Release The Past reprograms your subconscious mind with positive beliefs, making you feel empowered instead of stagnated by past experiences.

This positivity is reflected in your everyday thoughts and actions, giving you the mental strength you need to embrace life and be happy and prosperous.

Let go of negativity and look forward to a bright, positive future.

It's very difficult to move on from emotional trauma, from abuse, addiction, bad decisions and periods of your life that caused suffering. It's almost impossible to forget, and we emotional scarring stays with us as we age.

Often without realizing we are living through the lens of these experiences, allowing the trauma to shape our view of ourselves and the world around us.

Carrying negativity, anger, bitterness, and resentment prevents us being fully present to enjoy life. We remain guarded and unable to let go and live outside the restrictions put on us by the past.

In this way, the past steals our happiness. It prevents us fulfilling our potential and realizing opportunities in our lives.

It is very difficult to let go – because past experiences shape our thought processes. Things we have learned about life are deeply rooted and dictate our default responses to everyday situations. To undo the programming of the past, we need to reprogram the way we see the world.

The Subconscious Mind & Subliminal Messaging

The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that defines all reactions and automatic actions. This is separate from the conscious mind which defines all thoughts and actions within our awareness.

The subconscious mind is like a huge database that stores our experiences, our memories, and our beliefs.

Everything you have seen, done, and thought is stored on this database. This information dictates our behavior.

The subconscious mind stores positive and negative information, and information that helps us survive – such as knowing that if you touch boiling water it will scold your skin, and how to stay balanced when riding a bike.

But along with all the information that helps us navigate life, there is a lot of negative, and often quite harmful, information too. For example: perhaps people called you ugly at school, and despite having flourished into a beautiful person, that experience has caused you to believe that you're inferior to others.

Why “Thinking Positive” Isn't Enough

The problem is, simply “thinking positive” isn't enough to change the negative programming. We need to reprogram at the root, the foundation, which is the subconscious mind.

By using subliminal audio messaging, we can bypass the conscious mind, which has the capability to easily reject information, and instead access the database, where we can install new, positive data that overrides the negative data on a given subject matter.

Subliminal audio messages are inaudible. That means you won't hear the affirmations used in our programs. That's the trick!

We use a technique that filters the audio (voice) information above the human hearing threshold, so the information is received by the brain but bypasses the auditory system and conscious mind.

With regular listening, the subconscious mind can be influenced and remapped with new beliefs. The result is a positive change in our everyday thoughts and actions on the given subject.

Does this really work? Yes. We've written a blog post about it here and discussed a number of research studies.

About the Release The Past Program

Release The Past uses subliminal affirmations to help you accept the past and stop it from influencing your future.

Regular listening will change the way you feel about bad past experiences, and change the behaviors that happen as a result of those feelings.

We are essentially replacing negativity with acceptance and positivity.

If you feel rooted to your problems of the past, if you feel that your past is stopping you from moving forward, Release The Past will help you escape this mental trap.

Release The Past Affirmations

Below is a list of the 15 affirmations used in the Release The Past program.

In the subliminal recording, you won't hear these being spoken, but they play underneath the music. Your download package also comes with an audible affirmations version, which gives you the opportunity to listen to the affirmations being spoken out loud.

  1. I accept my past
  2. I see the positive learnings in my past experiences
  3. My past experiences have made me who I am
  4. My past has given me strength
  5. My suffering has strengthened me
  6. I am moving on from my past
  7. I have let go of all resentment towards others
  8. I have let go of all self-resentment
  9. I have let go of all negativity
  10. I am positive about my future
  11. A bright future awaits me
  12. I have so many good things to look forward to
  13. I appreciate all the good things in my life now
  14. I am free from my past
  15. I am living positively in the present moment

Frequency & Tuning Information

The subliminal affirmations in this program are combined with our signature binaural beats technology. The binaural beats frequencies used are in the Alpha range, between 10 and 13 Hz.

This range is good for subconscious entrainment and creating a relaxed yet alert state, making it ideal for listening to while you work or do other activities.  10 Hz is also considered a waiting frequency while the subconscious mind is penetrated by lower frequencies, which in this case are delivered via the subliminal affirmations.

Additionally, we have tuned the instrumentation in this composition to 417 Hz, a frequency taken from the ancient Solfeggio scale associated with undoing situations and facilitating change.

417 Hz is said to clear the debris of negative memories and influences from the mind. It helps us change our perspective and face the present and future with fresh eyes and a fresh spirit.

To summarize, Release The Past takes a three-pronged approach:

  1. The binaural beats relax and engage your mind, providing easier access to the subconscious mind.
  2. The subliminal messaging penetrates and reprograms the subconscious mind with positive beliefs regarding the past, present and future.
  3. The music tuning assists with this process by facilitating change and overcoming negative memories and influences.

Your Download Package

Your download package comes with 4 versions of the program, as follows.

Version 1: 30 and 60-minute versions. The 60-minute version is an extended version of the 30-minute version. Both these versions  feature a music overlay, binaural beats frequencies underneath the track, and the subliminal affirmations.

Version 2: An audible affirmations version. In this version, the 15 affirmations are spoken (out loud) six times at various intervals of the 60-minute track.

Version 3: Subliminal affirmations version, without any music overlay. This file is seemingly silent but, if your hearing is good, you will pick up on the occasional high-pitched frequency sound (sounds like a Cricket). This sound is the affirmations playing at a frequency above the human hearing threshold.

Version 4: A raw, or pure, binaural beats tone track. This is a 60-minute track of just the binaural beats frequencies on their own. Not everyone enjoys listening to this raw tone – it is an acquired taste – but it's something you might choose to experiment with.

For further information on how subliminal messaging works, you can read our FAQ here.

How to Use This Meditation

You can use Release The Past at any time of the day. This is a very flexible program that can be listened to while you work or relax.

We recommend a minimum listening time of 15 minutes, and ideally a 30 or 60-minute session.

You can sit or lie down when listening, and do so indoors or outside.

You can also use this program without headphones, but in doing so you will only benefit from the subliminal affirmations and not the binaural beats frequencies, because binaural beats do require headphones to be fully effective.

Please note that the 2-hour silent subliminal messaging only track can be listened to using speakers or headphones, but you will need to be in earshot of the speakers.


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