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Theta Thunder
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Theta Thunder

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  • Theta Thunder (Natural)

  • Theta Thunder (Melodic)

Length: 60 minutes (2 versions included) and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Real thunderstorm recording (natural & melodic versions)
Sound Waves: Theta

Research shows that the sounds of nature have a relaxing effect on the brain, physically adjusting the way the brain works by reducing our brain’s fight-or-flight instinct.

And there’s nothing more soothing than listening to a thunderstorm indoors, sitting in comfy clothes with a steaming hot drink.

Now you can bring this experience into your life whenever you like, with our Theta Thunderstorm Meditation.

Using a real Thunderstorm recording underpinned by relaxing Theta waves, simply slip on your headphones and immerse yourself in the soothing power of Mother Nature.

A thunderstorm is a powerful force of nature that has the potential to cause destruction.

Why is it then that we find listening to a storm so soothing? What is it about the tremulous sound of thunder and heavy rain that we find relaxing?

Interestingly, some clever people at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School looked into this exact question.

Their study found that sounds from nature – including rain, ocean waves caressing the shore, flowing streams, and thunder – have a relaxing effect on brains, physically adjusting the way our brains work by reducing our brain's fight-or-flight instinct. In other words, lowering feelings of stress and anxiety.

The research findings reported that listening to nature sounds increases focused attention, allowing for greater relaxation (1).

It's one thing being out in a thunderstorm – that can be pretty scary – and another looking out of the window with your slouch pants on and a hot drink in hand. The latter is far safer, of course.

There's something about the rain running down the window pane, seeing the flashes of lightening off in the distance, and hearing the roar of Mother Nature (thunder) that roots you in the present moment.

It makes you take a moment and marvel at the universe. It reminds you of how insignificant we are in the face of such vast power, but yet what an amazing thing we are part of at the same time.

And for that very reason, we developed the Theta Thunderstorm meditation.

About the Theta Thunder Meditation Program

Our Theta Thunder meditation combines the tranquility found in listening to a thunderstorm with the relaxing properties of Theta binaural beats.

As the track progresses, it slips deeper into the Theta state, making you feel more relaxed, present, and at one with the Earth.

The Theta frequency range has broad benefits, and this program covers much of the spectrum – ranging from 8 Hz down to 5 Hz. This means the program can be used broadly to help with stress, anxiety, and sleep.

As an additional enhancement, we have tuned this meditation music to 432 Hz (the Earth's heartbeat), a tuning preferred by many composers because of its relationship to the resonance of our planet and subsequent “feel good” properties.

These three elements combined create a harmonious composition of calm.

The Theta Thunder download package comes with two versions, as explained below.

Version 1 (natural):

The first version is an authentic thunderstorm recording, including all the natural rumbles, artifacts and subtle distortions you would expect to hear.

This is an original field recording of a thunderstorm and doesn't contain any other music. Don't worry, though, the thunder isn't going to hurt your ears by crashing around inside your headphones. We have selected softer parts of the thunder so that the track remains therapeutic.

Version 2 (melodic):

In Version 2 we take a more purposefully designed approach.

We have subdued the thunder and made the rain and water ground flow more prominent. In addition, we have added subtle melodies and ambient pads to create a warm, soothing soundscape.

This melodic version is probably better suited for sleep purposes and accessing higher states of consciousness through meditation.

The reason for providing these two versions is that we know that some of our listeners will appreciate the storm in all its detail, whereas others will appreciate the softer approach with additional melodic elements. We're quite sure you'll enjoy both!

Please note that we also provide the raw (pure tone) binaural beats frequency track as standard.

How to Use the Theta Thunderstorm Meditation

Theta Thunder is purposefully designed for relaxation and providing a sense of inner calm and comfort.

It is best listened to in closed-back headphones that block the sound into your ears and give you that in-stage (isolated) feeling, whereby the rest of the world and its distractions are blocked out.

The program can be used for a meditation session or for easy listening. So whether you want to sit down and close your eyes, or just chill out on the sofa with a hot drink and stare out the window, it's up to you.

In terms of the two versions: we recommend Version 1 for general contemplation and relaxation, and Version 2 for falling asleep and a deeper, more meditative experience.