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Super Brain Power

Super Brain Power

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  • Super Brain Power

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions & the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Natural rain fall, introspective chords, ambient textures
Sound Waves: Alpha, Beta

Unlock your cognitive potential in the short and medium term with Super Brain Power. This exceptional program utilizes a combination of Alpha and Beta waves to stimulate the brain’s learning centers, enhancing alertness and fostering high-level awareness.

Designed specifically for individuals who face difficulties in absorbing and retaining information while studying, especially when confronted with challenging subjects, Super Brain Power is an ideal solution.

Start unlocking your potential today with Super Brain Power and experience the difference it can make in your learning journey.

Super Brain Power is designed to enhance cognitive abilities and optimize the retention of information in the short and medium term.

Whether you are preparing for exams, attending a course, or simply find it challenging to absorb information in a study or work environment, Super Brain Power can be immensely beneficial.

The main benefits of Super Brain Power lies in its utilization of two essential frequencies: 10 Hz and 18 Hz. In conjunction, these frequencies play a key role in helping absorb and retain information, resulting in a marked improvement in memory, particularly when it comes to retaining information while reading.

How Super Brain Power Works

Super Brain Power begins by guiding your brain into the Alpha zone at a frequency of 10 Hz, where it remains for half the duration of the program. This is a frequency noted for a number of benefits, including the ability to correlate information, and significant improvements in memory, specifically when reading. As your brain begins producing brainwaves at this frequency, you will experience a deeper focussed awareness conducive to optimal learning and assimilation of knowledge.

Halfway through the program, the Super Brain power transitions to a Beta state frequency of 18 Hz. At this stage, you will notice a significant increase in alertness as your brain becomes entrained to a higher frequency. This specific frequency is renowned for its positive effects on planning, reading, and information retention. The frequency of 18 Hz also bears a fascinating relationship with 10 Hz. Combining these two frequencies has been noted to stimulate significant improvements in memory.

This heightened state of brain activity promotes improved concentration, mental acuity, and receptiveness to new information. It acts as a catalyst for stimulating the brain's learning centers, thereby enabling you to absorb and process information more effectively, ultimately enhancing your study or work performance.

Music Tuning

To create an environment conducive to an awake, aware, and focused state, Super Brain power incorporates a soothing backdrop of natural rainfall, introspective chords, and ambient textures. This combination of sounds serves to maintain your mental acuity and prevent distractions, enabling you to remain in a highly productive state while engaging in your work or study sessions.

In addition to the binaural beats frequencies laid underneath the music, we have tuned the music in Super Brain Power to incorporate the renowned frequency of 528 Hz. This frequency holds a significant place on the ancient Solfeggio music scale, believed to activate intention and intuition, allowing you to operate at your highest purpose.

The 528 Hz frequency has a long-standing reputation for its positive effects on the mind, body, and spirit. It is associated with stimulating creativity, enhancing clarity of thought, and promoting a sense of harmony within oneself.

The inclusion of this frequency aims to tap into the transformative potential of sound and its influence on consciousness, enabling you to align with your inner intentions and access heightened levels of intuition.

By infusing Super Brain Power with this frequency, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive audio tool that not only optimizes cognitive abilities but also supports your overall well-being.

How to Use Super Brain Power

Super Brain Power can be used on a daily basis to enhance your study performance, absorb information more efficiently, and maintain focus during intense periods of learning or work.

You can choose to listen to the program during your work sessions to enhance your productivity, or you can utilize it as a preparatory tool before diving into your study or work period.

Embrace the potential of Super Brain Power to unlock your intellectual capabilities and start unleashing your full potential today!


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