Super Brain Power meditation

Super Brain Power

$ 9.95

Track Length: 30 minutes
Soundscape: Natural rain fall
Soundwaves: Alpha, Beta

Super Brain Power increases mental ability by stimulating learning centers in the brain. The meditation features Beta waves which entrain the brain for high alertness, making it ideal for those struggling to retain information during periods of extended work or study, and for those suffering absent mindedness.

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Product Description

Starting out at the top of the Alpha zone, Super Brain Power climbs upwards through the lower and middle sections of the Beta zone, gradually increasing alertness and focused attention as it escalates. 

The meditation uses a backdrop of natural rain fall to help still the mind and induce a deeply concentrated state, subsequently allowing the binaural beats to stimulate learning centers by taking the brain to higher levels of activity.

Super Brain Power will benefit those on study courses and those with memory problems related to illness and aging. Listen to the meditation daily to increase IQ, focus and ability to retain information.

For best-practice listening, find a a quiet place free of distraction. Sit down with your spine straight, or lie down flat on your back for the duration. The meditation can also be listened to while working upright in a comfortable desk chair.