Super Brain Power meditation

Super Brain Power

$ 9.95

Track Length: 30 minutes
Sound Design: Natural rain fall
Sound Waves: Alpha, Beta

Super Brain Power increases your cognitive ability in the short and medium term. Using Beta waves that stimulate learning centers in the brain, the brain is entrained for increased alertness and high-level awareness, making it ideal for those who struggle to absorb and retain information during periods of study and when presented with challenging subjects.

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Product Description

Super Brain Power will benefit those who want to improve their ability to retain information in the short and medium term, which is ideal for studying for exams or while on study courses. It is also ideal for those who struggle to concentrate when presented with a large amount of information to learn.

Starting out at the top of the Alpha zone, your brain is entrained for relaxed but alert focus. Super Brain Power then climbs upwards through the lower and middle sections of the Beta zone, gradually increasing your alertness and focused attention as it escalates. 

Triggering high-level brain activity and alertness stimulates learning centers in the brain, enabling you to absorb information and study consistently for between 4 and 8 hours at a time (depending on the individual).

The recording uses a backdrop of concentrated natural rain fall to assist in helping you maintain a highly awake, aware and focused state. The recording can be listened to while you work, or before you begin your study/work period.

Please note: If you want to specifically improve long-term memory, you should listen to our Memory Enhancer meditation.