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Research has shown that music can improve health. From lowering blood pressure to reducing pain, music has a profound effect on mind and body.

Our health meditation music goes a step further than simply relaxing soundscapes. We use special frequencies in our music that target specific areas of wellbeing.

In our health and wellbeing category we have music therapy programs for the following:

The Benefits of Meditation without Effort

A study found that the benefits of meditation on mental health are better than taking a vacation.

The problem is, taking a vacation is easier, right?

Meditation takes a long time to master, and it isn’t always practical to fit into your busy schedule.

Our music combines science and music to give you the benefits of meditation at the touch of a button.

Put on your headphones, relax, and press play. That’s it!

We recommend a minimum listening time of 15 minutes.

How Our Health Meditation Music Works

Using the science of binaural beats, a form of brainwave entrainment, we use sound frequencies (vibrations) to take your brain into specific states – conducive to your wellbeing.

For example: if you’re feeling anxious, you’re probably producing lots of high energy beta or gamma waves. This makes you feel on edge, jumpy and restless.

Put on your headphones and listen to our anxiety release track and it will encourage your brain to release slower Theta waves, making you feel calmer and more in control.

If you’re feeling stressed out before bedtime and unlikely to get a good night’s sleep, listen to Deep Sleep before bed to encourage delta wave production for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Similarly, if you’re lacking energy, listen to Energy Express before work. Or if you’re suffering from pain, try Pain Relief for a natural anesthetic effect.

Our music therapy provides a simple but effective science that occurs naturally in the brain.

Get Started Now

You can listen to 1-minute samples of each track by clicking play on the player provided on the product page.

You can then add the products you want to the cart.

All products are immediately downloadable after purchase. You will be sent an email with links to download the music to your computer and other devices.

We provide a lifetime guarantee, so even if you upgrade your computer or phone or tablet, you can access and download your files again.

If you’d like to purchase more than one product, check out our meditation pack deals.