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Buying one of our readymade Meditation Packs gives you the advantage of being able to checkout and get started in just a couple of clicks.

We’ve arranged our packs into easy categories to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Each pack contains a carefully curated selection of meditations, and offers a considerable discount on buying the products individually.

Our Binaural Beats Packs

Mega Meditation Pack

Our best value and most popular pack, the Mega Meditation Pack contains 12 downloads, each hand-picked to create a full program that covers every important life area. Each comes with a 30-minute and 60-minute version.

Mind Master Pack

Popular with those wanting to improve focus, productivity, memory and creativity, the Mind Pack optimizes your brain for peak performance.

Health Meditation Pack

Containing 7 downloads, this pack is designed to improve health and wellbeing in areas such as sleep, anxiety, memory, immunity, and energy.

Sleep Pack

The Sleep Pack contains three meditations: two designed to be listened to before sleep, and one Power Nap meditation for a daytime recharge.

Peace Pack

Deeper meditation, relaxation, better sleep, and inner healing, the Peace Pack contains 7 meditations chosen to create a calmer, stress-free mindset.

Mindfulness Pack

The Mindfulness Pack is curated for those in seek of higher awareness and attention in the present moment.

These meditations will help you reduce stress and anxiety in your life, and attain better mental balance and clarity.

How to Get Started

Simply click on one of the pack images above and you’ll be taken to the product details page. On that page your find a description of each product, and a 1-minute sample you can listen to of each track.

Once you add the pack to the cart, you can make your purchase in just a few clicks.

Once your order is completed, we’ll email you over your download files. Included in your purchase is our binaural beats user guide, which contains more about our special music and how it works, and provides tips to get the most out of listening.

You will also receive an email with a password. You can use this, along with your username (email address) to login to your account on our website at any time. Your account contains your order history and download links to re-download your files at any time.

Choose your Binaural Beats Meditation Pack and get started now.