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Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Ocean Waves
Sound Waves: Alpha

Escape to the coast and enjoy the therapeutic sound of ocean waves brushing the seashore.

Our Alpha Waves meditation combines a professional field recording of ocean waves with Alpha binaural beats for relaxed awareness and effortless flow.

Whether you want to block out the world for some quiet time by the sea, or eliminate distraction and get into flow while you read or write, slip on your headphones and let Alpha Waves guide your mind to the shore.

Our fast-paced lives are now deeply fused with technology. As a result, we are becoming increasing detached from our connection to the natural world.

Yet despite our techno-perception of the world, we are inherently part of the cycle of life to which all living beings belong.

We are reminded of this connection when we interact with nature: a walk in the park, a swim in a lake, the sight of a wild animal, a trip to the beach.

Indeed, intimate interactions with nature bring us home to ourselves and make us feel present, relaxed, and content.

The Soothing Sounds of Nature

It's not just sights but sounds that trigger this connection.

Sounds such as ocean waves brushing the shore, raindrops bouncing off leaves, and the wind blowing through the trees. These sounds make us feel calm.

These sounds trigger a primal connection to the great outdoors, and reconnect us to the reality that supports our very existence.

We may not be conscious of it, but such sounds are also perceived as calming to the brain because they are non-threatening, as opposed to high-pitched sounds like screams and squawks and loud bangs like thunder and trees falling in the forest.

The sound of water is particularly comforting; perhaps because it is vital to our survival and therefore reassuring to know it is nearby. And while salt water can't be drunk, freshwater estuaries are often found running into the sea, giving us easy access to drinking water.

Ocean Waves and Well Being

In the modern day, we associate ocean waves with holidays, relaxation, and escapism.

Listening to the sound of ocean waves triggers a feeling of calm, of peaceful awareness.

What better feeling is there than sitting on the beach and listening to the waves wash over your mind as you ponder life.

The hubbub of ocean waves rises and falls smoothly and, in that moment, amidst the vastness of the ocean, worries and anxieties dissipate with the receding flow.

It is no coincidence that people who live near the coast report significantly better health (1).

This is not only backed up by research, but also indicated by the fact that Hawaii has earned the title of happiest state in the US eight times since 2008 (2).

Based on the health promoting effects of the ocean, we've created Alpha Waves; a recording that brings the sound of the ocean to your ears, wherever you are in the world.

How Alpha Waves Helps You Relax

Our Alpha Waves track uses a genuine recording of ocean waves, recorded using special microphones at the beach.

Underneath the recording we have laid Alpha binaural beats, which assist the waves in taking the brain into a state of relaxed awareness and flow.

There are different frequencies with the Alpha state, but it is generally associated with many positive benefits, including relaxation, focus, and the flow state of being effortless absorbed in a task.

Alpha is also a gateway to meditation, and a state where people often experience a feeling of lightness and floating.

For this track, we've used a range of Alpha frequencies at 9, 10, and 11 Hertz, making the track broadly accessible for relaxation, contemplation, and calm focus.

How to Use Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves is a multi-purpose track that you can have on while chilling out or working intently on a task.

Whether you want to escape to the ocean-side for a soothing half-an-hour of reflection, or you want to block out the world while you write an important document, you can use Alpha Waves to remain present and relaxed yet effortlessly aware.

While you do need to wear headphones for our music to be fully effective, you can still use Alpha Waves through speakers as background music to enjoy the sound of ocean waves brushing the seashore.


Escape to the coast and enjoy the calming properties of ocean waves. Download Alpha Waves now.