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Why Don’t Binaural Beats Work for Me?

Binaural beats music is scientifically proven as a transformative therapy, but there are a number of factors that can hinder efficacy. If you aren’t feeling the benefits that you should be, one or more of the following is probably the reason why.


Study: Can Binaural Beats Reduce Dental Anxiety in Kids?

Researchers conducted a study to investigate if listening to certain types of music could help children feel less anxious during dental treatment. They examined two unique kinds of music: “binaural beats” and “monaural beats.” These frequency-based musical techniques use special frequencies, sent to each ear, to induce a specific state of mind. In this case […]


Research Study: Can Binaural Beats Overcome Mental Fatigue?

Binaural beats have captured the attention of scientists and individuals seeking ways to improve focus and relaxation, and in this study they investigated whether binaural beats could be a remedy for mental fatigue.  


A Binaural Beats Study on Orthodontic Pain Reduction

When it comes to dealing with pain, whether it’s a headache, a muscle ache or toothache, we’re often on the lookout for ways to ease the suffering. In the world of orthodontics, where braces and appliances can sometimes cause discomfort, a unique approach involving binaural beats music has been tested to see if it can help reduce pain.


Using Bone Conduction Headphones with Binaural Beats

To date, most users rely on traditional stereo headphones to listen to binaural beats, either wired or Bluetooth, both of which are effective. However, a new type of headphone – bone conduction headphones – is becoming increasingly popular. But how do these headphones work, and are they compatible with listening to binaural beats. 


Binaural Beats vs. Solfeggio Frequencies – What’s the Difference?

In the realm of sound and its impact on the human mind and body, two terms often mentioned are binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies. These concepts share a connection through the use of frequencies, leading some individuals to mistakenly assume they are interchangeable. However, binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies are distinct phenomena with unique characteristics […]

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