sanctuary of peace theta meditation
Sanctuary of Peace

Sanctuary of Peace

$ 9.95

  • Sanctuary of Peace

Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Soothing pads, calming flute, gentle echoes
Sound Waves: Theta/Delta

Sanctuary of Peace is a heavenly escape from the noise of life.

This Theta waves meditation provides you with a place you can go to bathe your mind in calm avoid reaching higher levels of stress that may cause you to lose control and react negatively.

A versatile track, Sanctuary of Peace can be used to induce calm during stressful times, to help relax before sleep, or as a meditation aid.

Find a quiet place, slip on your headphones and relax into serenity.

We all need a break sometimes.

Things get on top and we find ourselves at the end of our tether.

Sometimes we count to ten and suck it up. Other times we down another coffee or sugary snack. And sometimes we end up loosing our cool, something we regret not long after.

Meditation is a proven stress reliever (1). It also helps you sleep better, focus better, and make better decisions – because your mind gains clarity.

And it's these positive benefits that our music is built upon. We use special healing music to help your mind cope with life's challenges.

Sanctuary of Peace gives you a place to go before you reach boiling point, and if you're already there can help bring you back from the edge.

It is an all-encompassing escape from the “noise” of life that causes stress and unhelpful negative feelings.

Whether the kids are driving you mad, your boss is getting on your nerves, your to-do list isn't getting any shorter, or you've simply “just had enough”, slip on your headphones and enter the Sanctuary of Peace.

About the Sanctuary of Peace

Sanctuary of Peace is a composition of soothing Theta meditation music. Technically speaking, it actually entrains the brain in an around the border between Delta and Theta, so it will work for both relaxation and preparing for sleep.

It is designed to bring you back from the edge, so to speak, to provide relief when you are at breaking point and need a place to escape to.

Your download package comes with a 30-minute and 60-minute version of the track, so you can choose your session length based on how much time you have. available to listen.

As is standard, we also provide the binaural beats frequency tone as a standalone track. We call this the ‘raw tone', or ‘naked frequency'.

The raw tone on its own doesn't contain music and is literally the frequency track, which sounds like a subtle pulsating hum. It's an acquired taste – some people enjoy listening to it and others find it a little strange.

How to Use this Meditation Music

All you need is a quiet space and a pair of headphones. If possible, listen for a minimum of 15 minutes to benefit from the frequencies. However, 30 minutes+ is best practice.

Ideally we recommend that this program be listened to at home and at a time when you are able to relax and aren't required to get back to work for a while, or do anything that requires serious attention. As previously mentioned, you can use this track as a sleep aid, and also to relieve anxiety.

Because of the relaxing properties of this music, please don't listen while you operate machinery or drive. You should also leave yourself a period of arousal time between finishing listening and carrying on with your day.