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The Benefits of Binaural Beats Meditation

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To understand the benefits of binaural beats and our neuro-audio technology, we first need to look at the research behind meditation.

The health benefits of meditation are far-reaching, and have been well-documented by scientific research. Over 1,000 research studies have shown evidence that meditating is an effective way of naturally improving health and wellbeing (1).

Our music produces the benefits of meditation through a special type of music therapy.  So on this page, we will look at the research for both meditation and brainwave entrainment (binaural beats) to show how it can help improve different areas of your life.

The Benefits of Meditation

Those who meditate are happier and less stressed: Research suggests this may be due to the fact that meditation reduces the area of the brain responsible for anxiety, fear and stress. This would mean less stress and anxiety and increased feelings of contentment and joy. (2, 3).

Meditators' minds are sharper, and their problem-solving abilities are better: This is because meditation is associated with changes in gray matter concentration in the brain regions involved in learning and memory processes and emotion regulation.

It is no coincidence that so many successful people make meditation part of their daily routine, and that companies around the world encourage their employees to engage in meditation practice (4).

Meditation may help preserve brain structure and function from progressive age-related decline, and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (5, 6)

Meditation may also improve sleep quality and help those with insomnia (7).

The research is certainly clear: meditation is good for your overall health. It is a holistic, free health benefit that everyone can enjoy.

So Why Isn't Everyone Meditating?

Well, meditation, in the purist’s sense of the word, may not be for everyone.

Some people are turned off by the idea of sitting in a meditation class, or at home, for an hour in silence. It isn't suited to everyone, particularly those who are elderly, have a disability, or find it hard to sit on the floor, or in the lotus position (cross legged).

Others associate it with Buddhism, temples and monks and simply don't think it's for them.

And others just don't have the time or an environment to practice in.

Those who do want to give it a go often find themselves unable to switch off. And it is no surprise: What with thoughts of work, bills, kids and the rest of it, finding “mental stillness” is no easy feat.

It can take time for the benefits of meditation to begin to manifest too, which means some people get bored and frustrated at the lack of significant change.

And that's where our special music comes into play. By combining brainwave entrainment technology and relaxing music, we are able to help people access specific states of wellbeing – simply by putting on their headphones and pressing play. 

The Benefits of Binaural Beats Music

We have thousands of users using our music to improve important aspects of wellbeing and personal development.

Key benefits of our music include:

  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • Increased ability to focus and concentrate
  • Improved learning capacity & cognitive skills
  • Deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Reduced feelings of depression and anger
  • Deep meditation for inner healing


Like meditation, binaural beats (brainwave entrainment) has been subject to scientific research, with very positive results:

  1. Meditation & Healing: research has shown that binaural beats can help induce a meditative state for deep relaxation and inner healing (8).
  2. Anxiety & Stress: research has shown that binaural beats music can be used to significantly reduce anxiety (9, 10).
  3. Pain Relief: research has shown binaural beats to be effective at reducing the severity of chronic pain (11).
  4. Sleep & Insomnia: research has shown that binaural beats can improve sleep quality and improve motivational state (12).
  5. Memory: research has shown that binaural beats may improve working memory and long term memory (13, 14).
  6. Mood: research has shown that binaural beats can affect performance and mood (15).

If you want to understand the theory behind how binaural beats work, you can visit this page, or download the free guide.

Develop a “Whole Functioning Brain”

Regular use of our binaural beats music encourages a synchronization, or balance, between brain hemispheres, which improves mental/emotional health and mental functioning.

This is what is known as “whole brain functioning”: the stimulation and creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, which may result in elevated brain performance (16).

Based on the research cited above and feedback from our users, regular use of our music therapy may improve your life in the following ways:

  • Able to focus better on work and study, and see improvements in your short and long term memory.
  • The ability to think with greater clarity and able to make wiser, more informed decisions in your life.
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels, which in turn will make you feel happier and give you better quality of life.
  • Better sleep and more energy as a result.
  • A marked improvement in emotional stability and the ability to manage relationships with colleagues, friends and family.
  • More spiritually connected to the wider world, and in turn more in tune with your intuition and creative mind.

Overall, you will feel more empowered and motivated to live to your potential.

How to Get Started

Our sophisticated neuro-audio technology is based on the aforementioned research into meditation and brainwave entrainment, specifically binaural beats. Our music delivers the benefits of meditation through the medium of relaxing, meditative music that incorporates the required frequencies.

Typically, our listeners show impressive improvements in emotional health, a range of mental abilities, personal motivation, a sense of spiritual connection, and a number of other areas after just a couple of weeks of regular use.

Are you ready to begin enjoying the benefits of binaural beats?

=> Click here to download a sample and try our special music today.

The free download also provides you with a guide that will explain more about our audio technology and how to get the most out of your listening experience.

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