Creativity Boost

$ 9.95

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 Minute Versions
Sound Design: Warm pads, gentle water stream, deep & delicate piano keys
Sound Waves: Theta

Creativity Boost gets your creative juices flowing. The meditation is deal for artists, writers and musicians suffering a creative blockage, but also for marketers and business persons requiring a flurry of “outside the box” inspiration.

Creativity Boost combines a thought-provoking sound design along with theta waves that stimulate deeper connections between brain cells, allowing you access to higher levels of creativity. Once in the theta zone, new ideas and insights will spontaneously flash before your mind’s eye.

Product Description

Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him in a daydream, as he envisioned himself surfing on a sunbeam into infinity. Indeed, the best ideas come to us when we relax, let go and open ourselves up to the universe.

The Creativity Boost sound design has been carefully crafted to unlock your imagination and enable inspiration to flow forth from deep within the currents of your mind.

The musical composition is tuned to a frequency of 741 Hz (Hertz), a frequency historically associated with problems solving and self-expression.

The soundscape combines a running water stream to help clear blockages in your mind, warm pads that evoke deep thought processes, and delicate piano keys that stimulate ideas and inspiration – all set upon a bed of theta waves that naturally lead your mind into a state of deep intuition and heightened creativity.

How Creativity Boost Unlocks Your Inspiration

As your mind is gently massaged into deep relaxation, insight and creativity integrate as you enter a state known as cross-hemispheric thinking. CHT is a state in which both analytic and analogical thought processes work in tandem.

With regular use, you’ll notice improved creativity and cognitive functioning, but also a general improvement in mood, greater optimism and intuitive insight.

Our binaural beats creativity meditation helps you hurtle past creative blocks by replenishing your brain with theta waves. Find a quiet space, slip on your headphones and listen before/while you work to spark creative consciousness.