Creativity Boost

$ 9.95

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 Minute Versions
Sound Design: Warm pads, gentle water stream, delicate piano keys
Sound Waves: Theta

Creativity Boost gets your creative juices flowing. This meditation is ideal for artists and writers struggling for ideas, but also for marketers/business persons requiring some “outside the box” inspiration.

Using a combination of Theta waves and deeply relaxing music tuned to a “problem solving” frequency, Creativity Boost unlocks your creative mind and gives you access to flexible thinking and greater originality.

Product Description

Trying to force inspiration and creative vision often leads to further frustration. Indeed. Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him in a daydream, as he envisioned himself surfing on a sunbeam into infinity.

The best ideas come to us when we relax, let go and open the mind up to the universe. And meditation is a wonderful way to achieve this naturally.

Research shows that open-monitoring meditation stimulates divergent thinking, a key driver of creativity and great for writer's block.

The study also shows that focused-attention meditation was more strongly related to convergent thinking, which is important for narrowing options and formulating a workable solution – perfect for deciding which idea is best.

Open-monitoring meditation is when you observe your environment in the present moment and keep your attention flexible and unrestricted, whereas focused-attention meditation is when you concentrate on a single object, such as your breathing.

You can use the Creativity Boost meditation to do one or the other, or a mix of both. You can simply relax and let your mind wander, or focus on your breathing or an object of your choice.

Using deep Theta waves and a relaxing sound design, the music has been carefully crafted to help unlock your imagination and enable inspiration to flow forth.

Additionally, the composition is tuned to a frequency of 741 Hz (Hertz), a frequency taken from the ancient Solfeggio Scale that is associated with problem solving and self-expression.

The sound design features a running water stream to help clear blockages in your mind, warm pads that evoke deep thought processes, and delicate piano keys that stimulate ideas and inspiration.

The result is powerful music therapy designed to naturally unlock the creative mind.

How Creativity Boost Unlocks Your Inspiration

Further research shows that the ability to focus your attention with full awareness (AWA) increases your creative ability.

A series of studies conducted on students demonstrated that strong observation skills were linked to greater creativity, originality and flexible thinking.

Creativity Boost takes you into this state of attention and awareness in the present moment, increasing your level of observation and allowing for greater flexibility of thinking.

With regular use, you’ll notice an improved ability to tap into your creative stream and access intuitive insight.

You'll also notice a general improvement in mood, with feelings of greater optimism and positivity; a natural side effect of meditation and enabling the brain to operate in the present moment.

Our binaural beats creativity meditation helps you hurdle mental blockages and replenishes your brain with renewed vision.

Find a quiet space, slip on your headphones and listen before or while you work to kick-start your creative consciousness.