Mind Master Pack

Mind Master Pack

$ 34.99

Audio Tracks: 6
Track Length: 30 minutes (per track)

The Mind Master Pack contains six meditations, each designed to improve a specific area of mental health and cognitive ability. Each meditation is 30 minutes long and features soothing meditation music or a soundscape of nature-inspired ambience.

For a description of each meditation, please see the notes below.

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Product Description

1. Deep Meditation (Theta)

Deep Meditation stills and turns the mind inwards, centering awareness to help you achieve faster, deeper meditation. The recording uses Theta frequencies underneath a beautiful, calming soundscape to entrain the mind to a state of relaxation and inner consciousness, clearing a path for beneficial meditation practice.

2. Super Brain Power (Alpha/Beta)

Super Brain Power increases your cognitive ability in the short and medium terms. Using Beta waves that stimulate learning centers in the brain, you will experience increased alertness and high-level awareness both during and after listening; heightening your ability to absorb and retain information during periods of intense study.

3. Zen Focus (Alpha)

Zen Focus increases your ability to focus and concentrate, enabling you to work longer and more effectively. Zen Focus is ideal for those experiencing difficulty in paying attention to tasks for long periods of time, and for those experiencing low-level productivity.

4. Creativity Boost (Theta/Alpha)

Creativity Boost unlocks the sub-conscious mind, unleashing your creative juices and evoking a flurry of ideas. Creativity Boost is ideal for writers and musicians suffering mental blockages, and for marketers and strategists requiring “outside of the box” inspiration.

5. Positive Thinking (Alpha/Beta)

Positive Thinking cleanses the subconscious mind of self-limiting and negative thoughts. Used on a regular basis, your mind will transition to a increasingly positive state that brings with it newfound optimism, happiness and enthusiasm for life. You’ll notice a huge change in your personal magnetism, as obstacles begin to dissolve and new opportunities open up.

6. Memory Enhancer (Gamma)

Memory Enhancer combats memory decline and mild cognitive impairment by entraining the brain with gamma waves at 40 Hz. Studies have shown this process stimulates the connections between neurons and in turn enhances data recall and long-term memory ability.