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Dear James, I am glad to tell you that I passed my exam successfully. Using your music (not only the brain power one) every day helped me a lot. Thank you for the creation of such beneficial music.
This is a marvellous audio. I listen up to an hour right at bedtime and always fall asleep within a few minutes. It is also helping me stay asleep longer which has been my main sleep issue (waking up 2-3 times and often having trouble falling back to sleep)...I have a total of 9 of your programs and I feel they are the best available online -- the music composition and quality are absolutely top rated.
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for Overcome Fear of Failure. It was a wonderful experience of pure relaxation and meditation from which I emerged calm confident and balanced, I haven't felt so relaxed in ages. I love it.
Yorkshire, UK
I have tried many different BB recordings from other providers with varying results. I tried yours last night and WOW! I tried the 30 minute deep sleep and haven't been that completely relaxed in a long time!
Arizona, USA
Thank you for this new release, it's lovely. I have used binaural beats to help my back and foot issues and I can attest to how well it works.
Colorado, USA
I started listening to the music 2 weeks ago and use it every night. After 3 nights my erratic heartbeat was no longer – and I was striving for SLEEP – not thinking about anything else. I am astounded. I am 75 years old and have had a galloping heart beat since age 20 and its gone! I am also sleeping for the first time in my life.
Alabama, USA
Thank you so much for this muscle relaxation download, I can feel the tension melting away as I am listening and writing. Keep up the brilliant work. Thanks again.
Thanks so much, I have experienced wonderful results & looking forward to ordering more. LOVE IT!
Wow, this track is amazing, wonderful, exhilarating. Its definitely the correct tool for raising your vibration and feeling the Kundalini energy awaken love it, love, love it, thank you .
Have listened to Blissful Sleep, Deep Sleep, Tinnitus Relief, Chakra Healing so far, and loved every one of them. Knowing I have more new ones to hear is exciting! I've used several entrainment music products before, from Holosync and Centerpointe. Yours, to me, are better than Holosync and comparable to the original Centerpointe – superior to their later offerings. So glad I found you – through the Pocket Mindfulness website, by the way.
Washington, USA
I'm really amazed how your meditation audios work, it's unbelievable!! I experienced a lot of changes in my life.
I recently bought Power Nap, Deep Meditation and Chakra Healing after downloading your sample of Chill Pill. I am very ill and sleep maybe four hours maximum if I am lucky, often less. I just wanted you to know that Power Nap has made a huge difference–the ONLY thing that has done, in over ten years of trying everything for sleep. It's also really helpful when I have a deadline (I work at home as a ghostwriter); I use it to rejuvenate me. It's my favorite of all of your music that I have purchased so far.
I love your work and look forward to telling others on my Facebook page about it. So many people don't know about binaural beats, and I think it's a wonderful thing for elders. Chill Pill is amazing, you guys are so talented.
Manhattan, NYC
I put your tinnitus track on and by the end of the half hour, the persistent loud ringing in my ears was gone and I could go back to sleep. I was amazed! Thanks for ALL your terrific meditations!
Washington, USA
It worked perfectly , I cant thank you enough!! just changed my life. I feel incredibly better in many areas of my life!!
You've been very kind–and patient with your advice! I will definitely direct friends to your site. It's wonderful how alternative therapies like yours are finally making their way into the mainstream, slowly but surely.
Gaithersburg, USA
Your downloads are fantastic in the production quality, music arrangements, choice of instrumentation, accompanying instructions. As you may have noticed, I ordered two more of them yesterday. And your customer service is extraordinary, an all too rare thing these days.
Regular User, USA
Do I recommend it? Absolutely. Go for it. This is one of my favorite websites now. Listening to the sound tracks not just calms your mind but the natural beats used in it makes listening a pleasure rather than a chore. takes this technology up several notches. Listening to the tracks just releases feel good endorphins that positively impact your sense of self and belief in your ability to be happy, successful and prosperous but have an overall positive effect that is hard to describe in words.
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