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Once you have bought and downloaded music from our website, you can burn it to a CD, transfer it to any of your digital devices – such as a phone, tablet, Mp3 player/iPod – or any other medium you like.

We do not place any restriction on how you share our music between your personal devices and, should you lose your download at any time in the future, we will replace it free of charge.

If you are a yoga or meditation teacher, hypnotist, Reiki therapist or work in another field where you'd like to use royalty free meditation music as an accompaniment to your business, please be aware of the following restrictions, and also refer to our Professional License terms.

Music Usage FAQ

Yes. We have a “fair usage” share policy. This means you are allowed to share the music with your immediate family such as your partner, parents or siblings (those who live in the same house).

However, outside of your immediate circle of family, we ask that you encourage people to buy our music if they want to use it.

Having worked in music licensing for many years, I understand how the digital music landscape has changed the way music is consumed and shared, and that households now share music with each other via phones, tablets and computers.

However, to continue enjoying great music, we must ensure creators are paid for their artistry. The same goes for the writers of books, painters of paintings, and other art forms.

No. If we let you do this, millions of people could listen to our music for free and we'd never make a dime. Some naughty people would also copy (rip) the music from the video using special software. We understand that perhaps you want to use just a small part of the music for an introduction piece, or as background music while you speak, but I'm afraid this is still a restricted use case. If you want to use our music as background music for a video, guided meditation, spoken word piece or other, you will need to purchase our professional license here.

Yes. Unlike standard music, which requires you to have a license from a music licensing agency, you can play our music for as long as you like without having to pay a cent more.

We do ask that you tell all your customers and friends where the music came from though 🙂

No. Because you would be changing the music from its original form, and effectively be creating a new composition (sound recording). This use case requires you to license the music from us under our professional license. See here for further details. Our professional license covers using our music in spoken word recordings, corporate videos, YouTube videos, guided meditations, hypnosis recordings, apps and more.
No. If your yoga/meditation/other class/staff members are interested in buying the music they hear they will have to purchase their own copy. Alternatively, you can purchase your own copy and then provide copies to members/staff under our professional license terms. Read more here.
Yes. Unlike other music download stores, we do not put a restriction on public performance in this way. However, please note that you are not permitted to provide copies of our music to members of your class. To do this, please read our professional license terms.

If your question is not answered on this page, please contact us here. 

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