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Professional Music License

Our Professional License is for those who want to purchase royalty free meditation music for use cases outside of our standard music usage terms.

We know that the subject of music licensing can be quite complicated, so we've streamlined our Professional License into three categories that cover the most common use cases for royalty free meditation music, enabling you to get started with your project immediately.

Category 1: CDs & Website Downloads

This category allows you to use our music as background music for any composition that will be recorded onto a CD, provided as a download from a website, or sent as a download to a mailing (email) list.

This may include the following use cases:

  • Guided meditations
  • Hypnosis recordings
  • Spoken word

Pricing Tiers (Per track):

  1. Up to 500 copies/downloads – $250
  2. 501-1,000 copies/downloads – $500
  3. 1,001 – 3,000 copies/downloads – $1,000
  4. 3,000+ copies/downloads – Enquire within

* If you are licensing more than one track, additional tracks are discounted by 40%. For example, if you are licensing under Tier 1, the first track costs $250, and every track thereafter costs $150.

Category 2: Website Streaming

This category allows you to use our music as background music for any composition that will be streamed from your website.

Pricing Tiers (Per track):

  1. Up to 5,000 website streams – $250
  2. 5,001-10,000 website streams – $500
  3. 10,001 – 25,000 website streams – $1,000

Please note that this category excludes third party streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Usage Restrictions:

1. Our music cannot be sold or distributed as a standalone ‘music only' product.

2. Our music cannot be sold on Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming or download service.

5. You cannot create subliminal recordings in which your voice is inaudible. Your voice must be audible in all use cases.

6. Our music cannot be played naked (as standalone music) for longer than 2 minutes without a voiceover or other audio accompaniment being present.

7. You cannot alter our music and then claim the musical composition as your own. For example: you cannot add new sounds to our music and then sell or distribute the music as your own product. Any audio-only product you create must include a voiceover.

8. You cannot sub-license our music to any third party, nor can you sell our music as part of a production music library, as stock music, royalty free music or music sample library.

9. If you are creating recordings for clients or anyone else, these cannot be duplicated, distributed or sold by your clients. Only you have the right to create and sell recordings that incorporate our music.

10. You cannot use the titles of our recordings as the title of any production that incorporates our music.

11. All music used must be credited to us in the following way: (Title of Music). Licensed by Where used online, the website name should contain a link (URL), as in the example given.

Category 3: Film & Multimedia

This category allows you to use our music as background music for amateur film and multimedia projects.

This may include the following use cases:

  • Corporate presentations
  • Audio-visual tutorials
  • Amateur video and film projects

Pricing Tiers (Per track):

  1. 1 track: $250
  2. 2 tracks: $350
  3. 3 tracks: $500

Usage Restrictions:

1. Category 3 does not cover CD creation or website/mailing list downloads. If your project is a film or multimedia project that requires this use case, please refer to license category 1.

2. All restrictions set out in Category 1 also apply to Categories 2 and 3.

> Click to download the full license terms

How to Purchase Your License

To purchase your professional license, first choose the music you want to license from our store page.  You can then send us your request, stating your intended use case, using this contact form. We will then consider your request and, if approved, send you an invoice for your license. Once the invoice is paid, you can download and use the music.

Quick Fire FAQ

Can I sell via third party services like CDBaby/TuneCore/Distrokid?

Third party services like CDBaby, TuneCore and Distrokid enable you to distribute and sell your music and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

While we allow you to distribute a CD of your work featuring the music you have licensed from us via your website or directly to your clients, we do not allow you to distribute the music for the purpose of selling on third party download stores or for streaming on services like Spotify.

Are there any additional license fees?

Once you have paid for your license you will not have to pay any further fees. This is true royalty free meditation music, which means that it is not registered with any performing rights organizations (PRS, ASCAP, BMI, etc.,) and therefore you will not have to pay performance royalties.

How long does the license last for?

This license has no expiry date. Provided that your payment is received in full, and excepting any instance in which you breach the terms of this license agreement, you can continue to use the music indefinitely, as per the conditions of the license Category you have purchased under.

Can I edit the music?

You can edit our music by looping it, cutting it, applying fade ins, fade outs and transitions from one track to another, but you must not add additional sounds or instrumentation to the composition itself.

Can I leave parts of the music naked (standalone) in my recording?

You must not leave the music “naked” (without an accompanying voiceover) for longer than 2 minutes at any interval. And the entire duration of the music must contain at least two thirds of voice-over.

For example, you could create a 30-minute hypnosis recording in which 20 minutes in total contains your voice, and the remaining 10 minutes is broken up in intervals of silence for no longer than 2 minutes at a time.

Can I burn the music to CD, or send it to someone by USB?

You can burn a CD or DVD, transfer the music to a portable storage device such as a USB flash drive, and transfer the music via online file transfer services.

However, you can only send the music to persons who are directly involved in the development of your products or projects.

We expect you to take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of our music.

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