Subliminal Messaging

In this category we have subliminal mp3 downloads that combine powerful positive affirmations with binaural beats frequencies.

The programs seek to solve specific problems that require the reprogramming of the subconscious mind such as weight loss and self-confidence. Additionally, there are programs to change negative beliefs around the acquisition of success and prosperity.

Subliminal messaging works by bypassing the conscious mind and allowing the subconscious mind to receive positive messaging that is unfiltered by the judgement of the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where all our beliefs are stored. These beliefs are built from a very young age and continue to be built right through adult life. When we experience pain or trauma of any kind, be it physical or emotional, the events surrounding the experience are logged in the subconscious mind, and we may not realise that the actions we take in everyday life are being driven by self-limiting behaviours as a result of those experiences.

In short, we are what we think. To change a negative behaviour we need to effectively erase the beliefs stored in the subconscious mind that are causing us to behave in this way. This is why hypnosis is effective, because it allows you to access the subconscious mind and discover what deep-rooted anxieties, fears and insecurities are holding you back from reaching your potential and living the life you deserve.

When used regularly over a controlled period of time, subliminal audio messaging will instill a new set of positive beliefs around a specific area of life that you are struggling with.

For example, if you have struggled with weight loss your entire life but can't stop yourself over eating, it may be because you have a deep-rooted belief in your subconscious mind that you are unworthy of love and happiness, or that you are unattractive to others.

This may have created a barrier that prevents you from wanting to socialise and reach out to people make new connections and personal relationships. Instead, you retreat into a comfort zone and find comfort and temporary contentment in eating.

The only way to stop yourself from retreating to this comfort zone and overeating and putting on more weight is to change those beliefs about yourself. You need to learn to appreciate yourself, love yourself and see that you do have value to others and that you are lovable.

Subliminal messaging will help to reinforce new positive beliefs and create new positive behaviours around eating and exercising. This will help you lose weight and gain the confidence to socialise and take on new challenges.

All our subliminal messaging programs come with 30-minute and 1-hour long versions. In addition to the standard music track, which features the subliminal affirmations underneath the music, we also provide a version with audible affirmations, so that you can alternate between the two and provide reinforcement for your conscious mind too.

We also provide you with a 2-hour version of the silent affirmations. Please note that this version is completely silent, although some people with very good hearing might hear a slightly high-pitched frequency sound at certain points within the track, depending on how loud the volume is. You won't, however, hear what is being said at any point. This track can be played through headphones or over speakers, and because it is silent it will not distract anyone within your earshot. It can also be played when you are asleep.

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