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Happiness Meditation

Happiness Meditation

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  • Happiness Meditation
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Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Soothing piano, uplifting pads
Sound Waves: Beta

The Happiness Meditation elevates your mind to a state of pure joy and positivity.

While traditional meditation practices promote relaxation and calmness, the Happiness Meditation transcends these effects and revitalizes your enthusiasm for life.

Slip on your headphones, press play and transition to a place of joy, happiness, and a profound appreciation for life.

Happiness levels have reached a historic low, with only 14% of Americans reporting being “very happy” (1).

These statistics are undoubtedly influenced by the economy, politics, and how positive people feel about their trajectory in life. As a result, our happiness tends to fluctuate based on external circumstances and our expectations of the future.

During challenging times, even activities like meditation, reading, or listening to music may struggle to evoke the happy and positive mindset that propels us to reach our fullest potential.

And that's precisely why we have created the Happiness Meditation!

About the Happiness Meditation

Research consistently demonstrates that engaging in meditation can elicit a serene state of happiness by facilitating the generation of Alpha waves in the brain. However, the Happiness Meditation takes this experience to a heightened level by actively promoting the production of Beta waves, a higher frequency associated with a more exuberant and buoyant mood.

Unlike mere positivity, this transformative practice instills a re-energized state that sparks an enduring zest for life. It empowers you to embrace happiness and motivation in the present moment, liberating your mind from the grip of future concerns that can negatively impact your emotional well-being.

The primary objective of the Happiness Meditation is to awaken a profound passion for life, cultivating a sensation akin to the invigorating runner's high or the post-workout rush experienced after a tough gym session. By combining positive emotions with a belief of boundless potential, the Happiness Meditation contributes holistically to your overall happiness and fuels an optimistic outlook on life.

With regular listening, you can tap into a wellspring of joy, motivation, and a profound appreciation for the present moment, which will help you shape a fulfilling, happy existence.

Frequency Information

The Happiness Meditation uses Beta frequencies between 15 and 21 Hz, a frequency range associated with feelings of happiness and euphoria.

The program works slowly up through the Beta range, spending 4 minutes on each frequency and finishing at 21 Hz, leaving you in an elevated state of joyful contentedness.

The Beta state is often referred to as a state of focused attention, energy, action, and problem-solving. Generally, as you ascend the Beta state, the brain becomes more stimulated, leading to heightened cognitive abilities. The Happiness Meditation takes you approximately halfway up the Beta state, achieving a mental state that is both joyous and emotionally balanced.

Furthermore, the instrumentation in the music is tuned to 396 Hz, a frequency derived from the ancient Solfeggio scale. This particular frequency is associated with dispelling negative emotions such as guilt, worry, and fear, thus fostering a happier and more positive state of mind.

How to Use the Happiness Meditation

The Happiness Meditation is an incredible tool to uplift your mood and cultivate a happier mindset whenever required.

Initially inducing a state of relaxation, the gradual integration of Beta frequencies stimulates the brain, leaving you inspired to actively pursue positive and rewarding behaviors after listening.

For optimal results, it is recommended to listen in the beginning or middle of your day. It is advised to avoid listening in the evening when it is more suitable to choose something that promotes a calm state for winding down.

You can choose to sit or lie down, and you can close your eyes or multitask by reading or working while listening. However, as a precaution, we advise against listening while driving or operating machinery to ensure your safety and focus.

Embrace the transformative power of the Happiness Meditation and elevate your well-being, all while creating a harmonious and joyful space within yourself.

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