Self-Acceptance Meditation
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Self-Acceptance Meditation

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  • Self-Acceptance Meditation

Length: 30 & 60-minute versions
Also Includes: 2-hour silent subliminal version / 1-hour audible affirmations version
Sound Design: Gentle flute, soft pads, calming ambience
Sound Waves: Alpha

– Are you struggling to accept who you are, emotionally or physically?
– Has past trauma made self-acceptance difficult in areas of your life?
– Do you worry what others think of you?
– Do you sometimes feel like you’re not enough?

Our Self-Acceptance Meditation will help you embrace yourself and find greater happiness within.

Using a combination of subliminal affirmations and our signature binaural beats technology, the Self-Acceptance Meditation reprograms your subconscious mind with positive beliefs that help you accept yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This in turn encourages self-kindness, self-appreciation, and freedom of expression, empowering you to move forward and become the best version of yourself.

Start listening to the Self-Acceptance today and start embracing yourself unconditionally.

Self-acceptance is so important to our overall happiness.

Being unaccepting of things we can't change causes stress, frustration and unhappiness; things such as past trauma, physical limitations, and aging.

Remaining in a state of non-acceptance makes us feel uncomfortable and frustrated, which may lead to anxiety and even depression. We feel stuck, stagnant, and unable to progress.

Of course, there are things we can change, and these things are much easier to accept – because we are able to take action. For example, we can change our opinions and conduct, and we can improve our mental and physical ability.

However, even those things we can change can be problematic, as we may find it difficult to accept the place we are in right now, and blame ourselves for our current circumstances.

You see, mistakes and missed opportunities lead us to self-blame, and to develop a low opinion of ourselves.

This in turn makes it difficult for us to accept that we deserve happiness, love, and success. It can make it difficult for us to accept that we are unique, talented, and of great value to the world. We feel as if we aren't enough, and that others are judging us in the same way.

The good news is that self-acceptance is a choice, albeit one that is hard to implement, particularly when the subconscious mind has been conditioned to believe otherwise.

And that's why we've developed the Self-Acceptance Meditation.

Self-Acceptance Meditation

By listening to the Self-Acceptance Meditation, you can reprogram your subconscious with the belief that you are enough, which in turn will give you the self-esteem to embrace yourself unconditionally and find greater happiness within.

This program will help you with the following:

  • Accept where you are now and that you have the potential to move forward onto greater success in life.
  • Feel happier and more comfortable within yourself on a daily basis.
  • Stop worrying about what others think and express yourself more freely.
  • Choose to be kind to yourself and know that you are enough.
  • Fully accept your individual beauty, on the inside and outside.
  • Value your skills and talents.
  • Accept yourself, unconditionally.

How It Works

Subliminal affirmations are embedded within the program, underneath the music overlay. This affirmations speak to your subconscious mind.

Subliminal refers to inaudible, so you won't hear them, which mind sound strange, but let me explain.

The way it works is like this: First, our voiceover artist records the affirmations in our studio. Our audio engineer then filters the voice above the threshold of human hearing.

This means that the information (the vibrations that make up the words) is still there but is being transmitted at a level above your normal hearing level. That being said, those with acute hearing may hear some occasional high-pitched frequency content that sounds a little like crickets. If you do, you have good hearing!

This audio engineering technique enables the affirmations to bypass your conscious mind, where information is easily and regularly rejected, and instead go directly to your subconscious mind, where negative beliefs can be replaced by positive ones.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is where all your beliefs about your “self” and the wider world are stored, both positive and negative. Think of the subconscious mind like a huge database stored on a hard drive. What we're seeking to do is write over the negative files relating to how you feel about yourself.

For example, let's say you've had a bad relationship experience which left you broken-hearted. Since that time you've struggled to understand why your ex-partner left and why they didn't want to make amends.

This is a very common situation, and one I've personally faced. This rejection can leave you feeling very low, questioning whether you'll ever find reciprocal love again. Worse still, you may question whether you deserve love, which leads to a lack of self-acceptance, as you begin to assess your value as a person.

This belief is solidified in the subconscious mind, where it begins to dictate your everyday behaviors.

Without realizing it, you will gradually become less confident and outgoing, you will be harder on yourself and your self-perceived shortcomings, you will stop valuing your talents and potential and may worry more about how others perceive you.

Ultimately, you will believe you aren't enough, that you aren't worthy of happiness. This causes your life to stagnate, making it even less likely that you will attract loving relationships into your life.

This is just one example of how negative beliefs can manifest and affect our self-esteem and confidence. Indeed, the same principle can be applied to any bad experience that affects the way you view yourself and the beliefs you hold, and ultimately the way you interact with the world.

Self-Acceptance Affirmations

Below is a list of the 15 affirmations used in the Self-Acceptance Meditation program.

  1. I accept myself for who I am
  2. I am happy being me
  3. I am beautiful inside and out
  4. I am unaffected by the judgment of others
  5. The words of others do not affect me
  6. I choose to be kind to myself
  7. I value my mind and body
  8. I accept and appreciate my talents
  9. I accept that I have huge potential
  10. I express myself freely
  11. I allow myself to be who I truly am
  12. I am becoming the best version of myself
  13. I accept love and happiness into my life
  14. I accept all of me unconditionally
  15. I am enough

We purposefully use easily understood affirmations, all spoken in the first person. This has been proven to be the best way to design subliminal affirmations, as if they are speaking directly to you and that you are already in ownership of the outcome.

Please Note: Your download package also contains an audible affirmations version. This is a 1-hour version containing soothing music and the affirmations spoken out loud (so that you can hear them). We provide this as an alternative listening version to reinforce your training via the conscious mind.

Frequency & Tuning Information

The subliminal messaging (affirmations) in the Self-Acceptance Meditation program are combined with our world-renowned binaural beats technology. The binaural beats frequencies used are in the Alpha range, between 12 and 10 Hz.

This range is ideal for subconscious mind reprogramming because it creates a relaxed yet alert state that makes you more receptive to absorbing the affirmations. Additionally, this frequency range also makes it possible for you to listen along while you engage in other activities such as working on a computer, reading, or even walking outside.

All our programs contain a music overlay. This music is always created in a specific tuning taken from the  ancient Solfeggio scale, a tuning scale said to promote different types of healing at each frequency step.

For this composition we have used the frequency 741 Hz, which is associated with emotional stability and the freeing of emotional restrictions.

In this regard, the Self-Acceptance Meditation takes a multi-layered approach to subliminal reprogramming:

  1. The binaural beats frequencies relax and engage your mind, providing easier access to the subconscious mind.
  2. The subliminal messaging penetrates and reprograms the subconscious mind with positive affirmations around self-acceptance.
  3. The Solfeggio music tuning helps in the reprogramming of beliefs and their subsequent behaviors, facilitating a change in self-acceptance and overall emotional stability.

What You'll Receive in Your Download Package

Your download package comes with 4 versions of the Self-Acceptance Meditation program:

Version 1: 30 and 60-minute versions. The 60-minute version is an extended version of the 30-minute version. Both these versions feature a soothing music overlay, the binaural beats frequencies underneath the music, and the embedded subliminal affirmations.

Version 2: An audible affirmations version. In this version, the 15 affirmations are spoken (out loud) six times at various intervals of the 60-minute track.

Version 3: Subliminal affirmations version (without music overlay). This file is seemingly silent, but if your hearing is good you will pick up on the occasional high-pitched frequency sound  (a cricket-like sound). This sound is the affirmations playing at a frequency above the human hearing threshold.

Version 4: A raw (pure) binaural beats tone track. This is a 60-minute track of just the binaural beats frequencies on their own. Not everyone enjoys listening to this raw tone – it is an acquired taste – but it's something you might choose to experiment with.

For further information on how subliminal messaging works, you can read our FAQ here.

How to Use This Meditation

You can use the Self-Acceptance Meditation at any time of the day. It's a flexible program that can be listened to while you work or relax.

You can stand, sit or lie down when listening, and do so indoors or outside.

You can also use this program without headphones, but in doing so you will only benefit from the subliminal affirmations and not the binaural beats frequencies (because binaural beats do require headphones to be fully effective).

The 2-hour silent subliminal messaging track can be listened to using speakers or headphones, but you will need to be in earshot of the speakers to benefit from the subliminal messaging.

Typically we recommend a minimum listening time of 15 minutes, but ideally a full 30 or 60-minute session.


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