Spiritual Awakening Meditation

Spiritual Awakening

$ 9.95

Track Length: 30 minutes
Sound Design: Soul-soothing pads and tranquil chords
Sound Waves: Theta

Spiritual Awakening is designed for those seeking  to awaken the “inner self” and reach a heightened state of spiritual awareness. The music provides a vehicle to an intimate, divine experience and is well-suited to secular, Buddhist, and Christian meditation.

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Product Description

Spiritual Awakening can be used at any time and on a regular, daily basis. The music features a soundscape of soft pads and tranquil chords, floating spaciously over Theta waves that assist in taking you into a state of deep meditation.

For best-practice listening, find a quiet space, free of distraction. This can be at home or in an outdoor space such as the garden or local park. Sit or lie down, whichever is most comfortable, put on your headphones and reconnect the center of your being with the earth’s core.