spiritual awakening meditation music

Spiritual Awakening

$ 9.95

Track Length: 30 minutes
Sound Design: Natural ambience, mystical pads, reverberating hang drum
Sound Waves: Theta

Spiritual Awakening awakens the “inner self” to help you reach a profound state of spiritual awareness.

Featuring harmonically-layered theta waves underneath natural ambience and mystical music, the music transposes you to the higher ethers of universal knowledge, where, in this state of blissful reverie, you will experience profound inner peace.

Simply slip on your headphones and connect with the natural energy of your life force.

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Product Description

Within you exists an energy, an extraordinary power from which all inspiration, intuition, creativity, and psychic tendencies arise.

However, detaching from the daily stress and struggle of the physical world to connect with this divine energy is difficult, and as such many people do so through prayer, mantras, meditation, yoga and other spiritual endeavors.

The Spiritual Awakening meditation arouses this energy through specially designed music. Featuring meditation inducing theta waves underneath a relaxing yet spiritually energizing soundscape, regular listening will have four key profound effects on your life:

  1. Improved health and vitality
  2. A recharge and refreshed mind
  3. Greater clarity and insight on life
  4. An expansion of creativity and intuition

How to Use the Spiritual Awakening Meditation

For best listening, find a quiet space – free of distraction. This can be at home or in an outdoor space such as the garden or local park. Sit or lie down, whichever is most comfortable, put on your headphones and allow the music to wash over your mind as you connect with your core being.

The spiritual awakening meditation is equally suited to secular, Buddhist, and Christian meditation.