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Gamma Boost

Gamma Boost

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  • Gamma Boost

Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Gentle breeze, piano trickles, serene flute
Sound Waves: Gamma

Gamma Boost entrains the brain to produce more gamma waves. This improves sensory and cognitive functions through increased gamma synchrony, which in turn gives rise to more energy, enthusiasm, and better performance.

Post listening you will feel more alert, invigorated, and attentive.

Gamma Boost can be listened to as a seated meditation or while you are working, studying, or exercising.

If you want to get more done, feel mentally sharp and create intensity around your purpose, Gamma Boost will help the motivation and solutions flow.

Gamma brainwaves are the fastest waves produced by the brain. They start at around 30/35 Hz and can oscillate as fast as 100 Hz.

Gamma is considered the governing agent in the brain. It synchronizes the brain across different frequency spectrums. When the brain is operating up above 40 Hz Gamma it becomes more efficient and coherent.

This means that the brain is better able to accommodate the flow of information across the right and left hemispheres.

An abundance of Gamma wave activity indicates that you are deeply focused and your brain is actively engaged in problem solving and processing information at high intensity.

Research suggests that people with impaired mental processing or learning difficulties don't produce as many gamma waves as others, which indicates the important role gamma plays in learning, and why Gamma is associated with high-level learning and memory efficiency (1).

The Benefits of Gamma Synchrony

While commonly associated with energy and high performance activity, gamma waves actually induce a serene attention (intense relaxed focus). This was discovered in research conducted on Buddhist monks, who displayed high level gamma symphony when meditating.

The Wisconsin study took electroencephalograms (EEGs) of 10 longtime Buddhist practitioners and of a control group of eight college students who had been lightly trained in meditation. While meditating, the monks produced gamma waves that were extremely high in amplitude and had long-range gamma synchrony—the waves from disparate brain regions were in near lockstep, like numerous jump ropes turning precisely together. The synchrony was sustained for remarkably long periods, too. The students’ gamma waves were nowhere near as strong or tuned (2).

This research shows that meditating is more than just achieving spiritual balance. Gamma synchrony increases as you concentrate or prepare to move. This demonstrates that being focussed and active require the same brain skill.

Gamma synchrony has been shown to mediate a host of sensory and cognitive functions, including perceptual encoding, selective attention, salience, and working memory (3).

This means that healthy gamma wave production can improve synchrony and subsequently improve brain performance.

Gamma synchrony theorizes that the state “helps to bind the brain's many sensory and cognitive operations into the miracle of consciousness”. Conversely, lack of synchrony indicates discordant mental activity seen in conditions such as schizophrenia.

Musicians also show high gamma synchrony while listening to music, which is another form of calm but intense focus.

About the Gamma Boost Program

Gamma Waves are abundant in high energy, high intensity activity. They are active in a broad range of our life experience and bring a wide range of benefits to our lives.

Increasing gamma wave activity with the Gamma Boost program will assist with the following:

  • Increased energy
  • Better focus / selective attention
  • High-level information processing
  • Memory enhancement
  • Creativity
  • Better mood
  • Enduring energy
  • Joy and enthusiasm

Frequency & Tuning Information

Gamma Boost cycles from 12 Hz alpha up to 75 Hz gamma. It ramps up through the beta range and into gamma, arriving at 75 Hz at around 21 minutes and remaining there until it finishes.

This slow but sustained journey through the gamma range will increase gamma wave production in the brain, leaving you feeling invigorated and sharp.

Additionally, we have tuned the instrumentation to 741 Hz. This tuning is taken from the ancient solfeggio scale and is related to problem solving and the release of emotional restriction, thus complementing the benefits of Gamma Boost.

The tuning is also said to be beneficial in the removal of toxins from cells and in promoting a healthier mind and body.

How to Use the Gamma Boost Meditation

You can listen to Gamma Boost as a seated meditation or while working, studying, reading, and even exercising.

The only restriction you may want to consider is not using the program in the late evening. This is because Gamma Boost encourages the production of high frequency brainwaves, which can cause increased wakefulness. It is therefore best suited to morning or early afternoon use.

Whatever your age or profession, Gamma Boost can help improve your energy levels, focus, enthusiasm, and all-round mental performance.