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Flow State

Flow State

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  • Flow State
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Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Gentle rain, meditative bells, soft piano, relaxing pads
Sound Waves: Alpha

The Flow State meditation merges your awareness and actions to create a state of energized focus in the present moment, enabling you to operate at peak mental and physical performance.

Listen during a creative activity or before a physical challenge to “get into the zone”.

The Flow State is often referred to as “being in the zone”. It is a peak state of mental performance where you engage with energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity.

The term was coined by a world-famous psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and documented in his book ‘Flow‘ (1).

If you have ever been engrossed in an activity whereby you are so focused and consumed by the detail that you didn't realize just how much time had passed, then you have been in the Flow State.

We have all been in this zone on occasion, where our actions and awareness are merged and we are in complete concentration in the present moment. We lose self-consciousness and feel contented in our progress.

The Flow State is commonly associated with sports and creative endeavors such as writing, painting, and making music.

These are challenges that test our skills, yet our skill capacity is such that it is possible for us to meet the challenge while remaining fully engaged and enjoying the moment.

How to Effortless Access the Flow State

Being in the Flow State enables us to enjoy mental and physical challenges, and best of all, we become highly productive. And the latter is key in this modern era of persistent distraction.

How many times have you found yourself tempted to stray from your work and check Facebook or Twitter, or check your emails, or Google something that pops into your head during a moment of distraction?

How many times have you found yourself tempted away from that workout or job that needs doing by a TV series or social outing instead?

Being in the Flow State makes us fully present and aware and leads us into a state of mindfulness, an effortless doing in the now. But when the mind is constantly pulled from pillar to post, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the brain to settle into flow.

Music and flow appear to be intrinsically linked, and music can be used as a vehicle to access flow. Research suggests that music and flow could be seen as an emergent embodied system (2).

It is not unusual to experience a sense of total absorption, concentration, action-awareness, distortion of time and intrinsic enjoyment during an activity that involves music.

And that's why our Flow State meditation can help you access this state of peak performance.

How to Use the Flow State Meditation

EEG research shows that the Flow State is characterized by an increase in alpha and theta wave brain activity (3).

The alpha state is also considered the “solution zone”, where you are able to overcome challenges and solve problems.

Our Flow State meditation entrains the brain with alpha waves to help lead you into the Flow State and zone in on the activity/task at hand.

Simply pop on your headphones, block out life's distractions and let the alpha wave frequencies lead you into flow. Before you know it the doing will become automatic and effortless, as you zone into your task.

As you move into the Alpha state, you'll find that your breathing slows down and while you are relaxed you will remain alert and fully present.

You can also listen to the Flow State meditation prior to an activity or task, such as before a sports match or a public speaking engagement, or even before a social event that requires you to be on top form.

Unleash your potential and up your productivity level today.


Download Flow State and access the zone of peak performance!