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Memory Enhancer

Memory Enhancer

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Track Length: Includes 30 & 60-minute versions and the raw binaural beats tone
Sound Design: Soothing flute sweeps, gentle ambient textures, piano trickles,
Sound Waves: Gamma

Memory decline and mild cognitive impairment begin at around 30 years old.

The good news, however, is that science has discovered a relationship between gamma brainwave activity and the improvement of long-term memory.

This means that it is possible, using gamma wave stimulation, to maintain and even improve memory as you age.

Our Memory Enhancer meditation uses gamma binaural beats frequencies at 40 Hz to stimulate working memory and encourage better data absorption and recall in the long term.

The temporal lobe, in conjunction with the hippocampus, is a crucial region of the brain responsible for memory processing. The hippocampus plays a vital role in the formation and retrieval of memories, especially those related to facts and events. It acts as a sort of “gateway” for information to be stored in long-term memory.

Gamma waves, which are high-frequency brainwaves, are intrinsically involved in this memory processing. Research has shown that gamma waves play a significant role in binding together different pieces of information, helping create coherent memories. They facilitate the synchronization of neural networks involved in memory consolidation and retrieval, making it easier to recall information and improve overall memory performance.

How Binaural Beats Music Increases Gamma Activity

Research has demonstrated the positive influence of binaural beats on gamma wave activity.

One research study involved fifty-eight participants ranging in age from 6 to 60 years and aimed to explore the potential of stimulating the brain through binaural beats at 40 Hz (gamma frequency) to enhance long-term memory capacity.

Statistical analysis  of the data showed a proportional relationship between long-term memory and gamma activity.

The results of the study revealed a significant correlation between long-term memory and gamma brainwave activity. Based on the findings, the researchers concluded that stimulating gamma brainwave activity has the potential to enhance long-term memory capacity.  This will enable the processing of information directly to and from human memory via gamma activity, the hippocampus and the temporal lobe (1).

Another study revealed that gamma oscillations (brainwave activity in the 30-60 Hz range) increased linearly with memory load in patients. This provides evidence that gamma oscillations, previously associated with perceptual processes, play a crucial role in maintaining multiple items in working memory.

In addition, high gamma activity contributes to the successful functioning of spatial memory, which is the part of memory responsible for recording information about our environment orientation (2).

Using the Memory Enhancer Meditation

By using gamma frequency stimulation in the Memory Enhancer meditation, we aim to harness this natural mechanism to enhance working memory and encourage better data absorption and recall in the long term.

This targeted stimulation of gamma brainwave activity can potentially aid in maintaining and improving memory, even as we age and face the challenges of memory decline and mild cognitive impairment.

Memory Enhancer can be conveniently enjoyed at any time, including while you work. However, it is essential to note that due to its stimulating effects, we advise against using this meditation in the evening or before sleep, as it may lead to wakefulness and disrupt your sleep cycle.

For safety reasons, do not to listen to Memory Enhancer while driving or operating machinery, as the gamma wave stimulation may influence your cognitive state, and headphone use will mean you aren't fully aware of your surroundings.


Regular use of our Memory Enhancer meditation promotes healthy long-term memory function, helping you better absorb, retain and recall information.

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