Weight Loss Mindset

$ 14.99

Length: 30-mins & 1-hour versions
Also Includes: 1-hour audible affirmations version / 2-hour silent subliminal version
Sound Design: Gentle water stream, Shakuhachi flute, Tibetan singing bowls
Sound Waves: Theta

Our Weight Loss Mindset meditation helps you overcome the negative habits and self-limiting behaviours preventing you from losing weight and keep weight off.

Using a combination of sound healing and positive subliminal affirmations, Weight Loss Mindset is designed to reprogram your subconscious mind with the positivity, willpower and motivation to eat healthily, eat less, exercise more and lose weight.

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Product Description

The battle to lose weight is fought in the mind.

Healthy eating and exercise are key in losing and maintaining a healthy weight, but overcoming the emotional barriers preventing you from making those things a habit, and developing the willpower and motivation to make positive changes, starts in the mind.

Moreover, research shows that those who feel judged about their weight are less likely to lose weight, providing further evidence that losing weight requires a positive, motivating mindset.

The fact is: You can't lose weight without first developing the right frame of mind.

And that's where our music can help.

Meditation for weight loss is not a new concept. Meditation can help to relieve stress, anxiety and mental blockages that cause the self-limiting behaviours associated with weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

But our music goes much further, and has far more effective capabilities.

We use Theta frequencies (sound waves) that help relax the mind and relieve stress and anxiety, which are both common causes of emotional overeating. Simultaneously, we use subliminal affirmations to reprogram the negative eating habits and beliefs rooted in your subconscious mind

  • Have you been battling with your weight for a long time?
  • Do you find weight is easy to put on but hard to lose?
  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Have you tried different diet plans but always go back to your old eating habits?
  • Do you struggle with motivating yourself to exercise?

The root of this battle with food and weight lies in your mind. And the good news is that you can overcome it and take back control with our meditation for weight loss program.

How the Subliminal Affirmations Work

Subliminal affirmations are positive statements recorded below the level of the human hearing capability. When played through headphones or speakers, these messages reach your subconscious mind, where your hard-wired beliefs about your capabilities are potential are stored, and begin to reprogram these beliefs with new, positive beliefs that will change the way you think and act.

Your subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank. It stores everything that ever happens to you, which is why under hypnosis people can often remember events from years back with perfect clarity.

All your habits of thinking and acting are stored in your subconscious mind. It has memorized all your comfort zones and causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you attempt to do anything new or different, or to change any of your established patterns of behavior.

For example: As much as you might try to eat just three meals a day, your subconscious mind has information stored that associates snacking on junk foods when you feel stressed or anxious. Or information that you “don't deserve to be slim”, that you “will always be fat, no matter how hard you try”. And that's why you always end up back at square one; because of these deep-rooted habits and self-limiting beliefs.

Reprogram your subconscious, change your habits and behaviours, lose the weight you want and sustain it.

Though subliminal messaging is still used in advertising, it has been banned in most of the Western world. It is considered “contrary to the public interest and intended to be deceptive”. You know something is powerful when the authorities outlaw it.

How the Binaural Beats & Music Tuning Works

If you aren't interested in understanding the technical details of our music tuning, feel free to skip this section and read on.

We use Theta binaural beats underneath the music. These are sound frequencies (waves) that entrain your brain to a particular state of mind. We have an extensive article on how this works here.

Theta waves are low frequency waves, and associated with deep relaxation and meditation, where you connect with your intuition and experience clearer thinking, lower stress levels and psychological wellbeing.

The two main Theta frequencies used are 7.5 Hz and 8 Hz. This range on the Theta spectrum is noted for treating addiction and signaling to a person that they're satisfied with their present state; something those who over/emotionally eat struggle with.

This range is also for opening the mind for inner-awareness of self and purpose; to help you navigate confused thinking and find solutions to problems.

We have also tuned the instrumentation in the music to 396 Hz. This is a frequency taken from the ancient Solfeggio scale, which is noted for its healing properties at different frequencies of the scale.

This particular frequency is said to release you from feelings of guilt, which is important for those stuck in a cycle of guilt due to binge eating linked to emotional trauma. Overcoming guilt is key to enabling the achievement of your weight loss goals.

The 396 Hz frequency is also said to release hidden emotional blockages, and subconscious negative beliefs and ideas that have led to your present situations. This works in tandem with the subliminal affirmations.

How Weight Loss Mindset Can Help You

The Theta sound waves (frequencies) used underneath the music will help you enter deep states of relaxation. This is conducive to overcoming stress and anxiety, increasing feelings of positivity, improving focus and motivation and providing all-round mental healing for an emotionally stronger, more motivated you.

The subliminal messaging will increase your willpower and commitment to eating healthily, eating less and exercising more, and eliminate the negative thoughts, habits, and self-limiting behavior that have previously prevented you from losing weight.

We also provide you with an audible affirmations version of the music (one in which you can hear the affirmations being spoken). This will increase willpower and motivation in your conscious mind too.

This three-pronged approach provides a powerful toolset for creating the mindset required to lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Featured Affirmations

The Weight Loss Mindset package features 20 affirmations. In the subliminal recordings, these positive affirmations loop in a cycle underneath the music. In the audible affirmations recording, the affirmations are spread out appropriately through the track.

  1. I am in control of my weight
  2. I am making positive changes today
  3. I choose to be healthy
  4. I nourish my body with nutritious food
  5. I love the taste of healthy food
  6. I prefer small portions
  7. I chew slowly and mindfully
  8. I eat only what I need
  9. I love and care for my body
  10. I enjoy exercise
  11. Burning calories feels great
  12. I look forward to exercise every day
  13. I am becoming lighter and leaner
  14. It’s easy to say no to food
  15. I am in control of what I eat
  16. I am committed to losing weight
  17. Self-discipline gives me great pleasure
  18. Sustaining my weight loss is natural and easy
  19. I let go of the past and embrace the future
  20. I have the power to change to my life

How to Use the Weight Loss Mindset Program

The downloadable package comes with 3 different versions of the music, though 2 of the 3 tracks come with 60-minute versions to give you the option of a longer listening experience:

  • Track 1 (30 min & 1-hour versions): Music featuring theta binaural beats and subliminal affirmations. Headphones required for full effects.
  • Track 2 (1-hour version): Music featuring theta binaural beats and audible affirmations. Headphones required for full effects.
  • Track 3: (2-hour version): Silent affirmations recording. No music can be heard. Headphones not required.

There are three ways you can listen to the Weight Loss Mindset package:

Method 1:

By using headphones: You can listen normally as you would to music, as a seated meditation, or by lying down and listening; whichever you prefer. Note that the theta frequencies we use in the track will relax you, so do not listen while driving or operating machinery. It is best to be sitting or lying down.

Method 2:

Without headphones and through speakers. You can do this while you work, read or engage in any other activity whereby you are in earshot of the music.

Please note that listening in this way will not have the added relaxing effect of the Theta sound waves (requires headphones for full effectiveness),  but you will get the full subconscious entrainment of the subliminal affirmations.

Method 3:

With or without headphones, you can listen to the silent affirmations track. For this, we have provided you with a 2-hour version of the silent audio track, which contains just the subliminal affirmations (no music or binaural beats frequencies).

Of course, you won't actually hear anything when listening to this track, but the subconscious entrainment will still be useful and effective when you don't want music on, or have other people in earshot that you don't want to distract. It also means you can listen on repeat, over and over, without any sound disturbance.

Take control of your weight. Download our meditation for weight loss program today!