Mindfulness Meditation Pack

$ 44.99

Audio Tracks: 8
Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 Minute Versions

The Mindfulness Meditation Pack contains eight downloads, each designed to cultivate a specific state of open attention and awareness in the present moment.

These meditations will help you eliminate stress, overcome negative thoughts, and increase focus and productivity. Each meditation is provided in a 30 and 60 minute version.

For a description of each meditation, please read the notes below.

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Product Description

1. Zen Focus (Alpha)

Zen Focus will increase your focus, concentration and overall productivity, enabling you to effortlessly engage in long periods of work and study. If you're struggling to center your mind and focus on the things you need to get done, grab a pair of headphones and entrain your brain to the “Zen Zone”.

2. Deep Meditation (Theta)

Deep Meditation frees your mind from the endless thought streams and emotional attachments that cause you to feel stressed and fatigued. Featuring Ohm meditation tones, soft bells and warm instrumentation, combined with relaxing theta waves, Deep Meditation is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sit down in a calm space, slip on your headphones, close your eyes and press play.

3. Anxiety Release (Alpha)

Anxiety Release evokes feelings of calm and self-assurance, restoring balance and confidence in situations when you feel anxious. Anxiety Release is ideal for big occasions and challenges when you experience symptoms of anxiety such as stomach butterflies, sweating, excessive yawning and feelings of nausea.

4. Spiritual Awakening (Theta)

Spiritual Awakening provides a pathway to an intimate connection with Mother Nature/God. The recording evokes a liberating experience where you are able to connect with the world in a truly aware state, free of judgment, fear, aversion and attachment to the superficial.

5. Chill Pill (Theta)

Chill Pill is designed to sweep away the blues and put you in a tranquil, peaceful state of harmony with the universe. Chill Pill eliminates negative thought processes and depressive emotions, leaving you feeling happy and balanced and ready to face the world with a spring in your step.

6. Positive Thinking (Alpha)

Positive Thinking cleanses the subconscious mind of self-defeating, negative thoughts. You'll experience newfound optimism, happiness and enthusiasm for life. As positivity manifests itself in your being, you'll notice a remarkable change in personal magnetism, as obstacles begin to dissolve and new opportunities arise.

7. Creativity Boost (Theta/Alpha)

Creativity Boost stimulates the right hemisphere of your brain, which is where you are able to unlock your imagination and discover new ideas, concepts and deep visual dimensions. The sound design combines relaxing Theta sound waves with ambient running water, warm inspiring pads, and delicate, thought-provoking piano keys.

8. Earth Vibration (Theta – Music tuned to 432Hz)

Earth Vibration attunes your energy in line with that of the Earth, which is 432 Hertz, and known as the heartbeat of the planet. The serene music evokes a peaceful, calm mental state and promotes natural healing in the body. Regular listening will result in increased well-being and feelings of happiness and contentment.

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