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In this category you will find our brain power meditation music titles.

Our music uses special frequencies, known as ‘binaural beats’.

We lay these frequencies underneath blissful meditation music to help you access states of memory enhancement,  brain power, and all round better wellbeing.

You can find out more in this how it works guide.

We have meditations covering the following areas:

Our music therapy products are supported by scientific research in particular the evidence that shows a relationship between gamma brainwave activity and long-term memory.

Removing Self-Limitations & Negative Thoughts

We also have a number of subliminal messaging products that help with common problem areas: Things like procrastination, problems with self-confidence, motivation, addiction, and over eating,

We combine our signature binaural beats with subliminal messages, in the form of positive affirmations.

These are first recorded in audible format, and then modulated above the threshold of human hearing – so they bypass the conscious mind.

So you don’t actually hear them when listening. Instead, they penetrate your subconscious mind. And with regular listening, the affirmations replace your old self-limiting beliefs with new positive beliefs.

Because our thoughts dictate our actions, this in turn changes your everyday behaviors: Your responses and reactions to external events, and internal feelings.

Our subliminal mind power meditations cover the following areas:

More Than Just Meditation Music

Our brain power meditation music is more than just beautiful, relaxing music.

We create specialist music therapy products based, designed to help you overcome mental barriers and improve mental performance.

All you have to do to benefit is slip on your headphones and press play.

As you listen, the music encourages your brain to produce brainwaves at the desired frequency.

You will then be in the state of mind conducive to what you want to achieve, be that increasing focus and productivity, lowering anxiety, promoting calm and confidence or enhancing creativity.

Now you can reap the benefits of meditation, which would normally take thousands of hours of practice. Just by listening. No effort required.

Start Improving Mental Performance Today

We have helped thousands of people improve their mental and cognitive performance.

From students who need to study harder for longer, to older citizens who want to improve their memory, our brain power meditation music is a natural therapy for mental wellness.

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