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Our downloads are much more than just relaxation music.

We fuse proven science with blissful soundscapes to create powerful music therapy.

Our music contains special frequencies, designed to take your brain into deep states of calm.

Whether you need help sleeping or some some simple stress release, our relaxation music can help.

Additionally, we carefully create sound designs to help address specific needs, using instruments and ambient sounds that are proven to promote relaxation.

Our music can help you in the following areas of relaxation and stress relief:

How it Works

All you need to do is slip on a pair of headphones, relax, and press play.

It is that simple.

You can play the music from your computer, phone, tablet, or mp3/iPod device.

Our music uses an advanced binaural beats technology combined with specially tuned music to entrain your brain for specific states of wellbeing.

For example: If you are feeling really stressed out from work, you might choose to put on our Chill Pill track.

Or if you feel tired and tense from a workout or long journey, you might choose to put on our Muscle Relaxation track.

We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes listening time to benefit from the music.

How Stress Affects Your Health

Stress is a common cause of burnout and mental health problems. It’s something we all suffer from and don’t take enough time to address.

Statistics show that more than 50% of us are experiencing unhealthy levels of stress in our lives.

The most common three reasons for feeling stressed are:

  1. Worry over the future
  2. Money
  3. Work

When we are stressed we are unable to relax. We feel tense, irritable, and highly strung.

This affects our health and personal relationships, and can result in the following health problems.

  • Low energy
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Aches and muscle tension
  • Insomnia
  • Low immunity
  • Loss of sexual desire and/or ability

The good news is our special music can help.

Studies have shown that our binaural beats music can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, focus, and memory, and reduce pain.

Getting Started

To get started, simply choose from our range of programs.

Each program is instantly downloadable and comes with 30-minute and 1-hour versions as standard – the latter providing a longer listening experience.

Once you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with your download links.

You will also receive account login details, so you can login to download your order from our website at any time in the future.

Join thousands of others who are benefitting from our relaxation music.

Reduce symptoms of stress with our natural music therapy instead of medication.