432 hz music meditation
Earth Vibration (432 Hz)

Earth Vibration (432 Hz)

$ 9.95

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 Minute Versions
Sound Design: Serene ambience, warm pads, melodic wolf howls
Sound Waves: Theta (music tuned to 432Hz)

Earth Vibration attunes your mind and body to the heartbeat of our planet, evoking a deeper connection with the Earth and all sentient beings.

Regular listening will assist in emotional and physical healing, helping you align with the Universe for a more contented, prosperous existence.


Earth Vibration is one of our proudest creations. The melodies were created from real Wolf howls, which creates a beautiful, harmonic connection with the natural world.

Underpinned by calming Theta waves, the music has been tuned to 432 Hertz, which is known as the harmonic intonation of nature. It is also known as Verdi’s ‘A’, because Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi considered this frequency a perfect pitch for tuning opera voices and instruments.

Both Verdi and Mozart recognized that this frequency was mathematically consistent with the universe, and because of this it transmits beneficial healing energy, making audiences feel calm and peaceful.

Many ancient instruments are tuned to 432 Hertz too. According to Ananda Bosman, international researcher and musician, many ancient Egyptian instruments found by archeologists are tuned to 432 Hz.

In more modern times, Jamie Buturff –  a highly acclaimed sound researcher – discovered that many Tibetan monks' singing bowls were tuned to 432Hz because of its meditative effects and influence on consciousness.

We have an extensive blog post you can read that provides a comprehensive overview of history behind this magical frequency: you can find that here.

How to Use the 432 Hz Meditation

You can listen to Earth Vibration at any time you are in a place free from distraction and ready for quiet contemplation. We find listening at sunrise or sunset is the optimal time to make this special connection with the earth.

Expect to feel a sense of intense inner calm as the music progresses and your energy entwines with the universe in a dance of healing and revitalization.

Post-listening, you may feel slightly spaced out and want to sit a while. This is quite normal. If you feel that you want to meditate or simply ponder your thoughts afterwards, or listen over again, then let your intuition guide your actions.

Users report a number of benefits through regular listening, including a decrease in feelings of stress and anxiety, faster natural healing of aches, pain and tension in the body, better sleep, a happier, more positive outlook and a deeper sense of connection with all sentient beings and the world at large.