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10 Ways Listening to Binaural Beats Benefits Your Life

Our binaural beats music is a special type of music that entrains your brain to specific states conducive with mental and physical well-being.

Regular use of our music results in a broad range of benefits that will have a positive overall impact on your life.

Let's look at 10 key areas for which our binaural beats meditation music is proven to be effective.


10 Ways Binaural Beats Can Benefit Your Life

1. Reduce Stress Levels

Research shows that the use of Theta binaural beats can reduce stress. Theta is associated with a relaxed, meditative state, one in which the brain is producing low-frequency brainwaves.

A study designed to assess the efficacy of Theta binaural beats compared to music alone on the cardiovascular stress response in military service members with post-deployment stress concluded:

When placed under an acute stressor, participants who used music with embedded BBT showed a decrease in sympathetic responses and an increase in parasympathetic responses, while participants who used music alone had the opposite effect.

The use of BBT in the theta brainwave frequency embedded into music decreases physical and psychological indications of stress (1).

Try Chill Pill, Wind Chimes or Muscle Relaxation to reduce stress.

2. Lower Anxiety

Many of our listeners suffer from anxiety in various forms, be that anxiety associated with agoraphobia, social anxiety, or anxiety due to fear of failure or underperforming in particular challenges.

There have been a number of studies done on the link between binaural beats music and the lowering of anxiety levels. In a preoperative dentistry study, which is an area where many people experience anxiety, researchers concluded the following:

We conclude that binaural beats may be useful in reducing preoperative anxiety in dentistry (2).

In another study of 80 healthy adults who listen to a binaural beats CD using Delta frequency waves for 60 days, researchers concluded:

Binaural beat technology may exhibit positive effect on self-reported psychologic measures, especially anxiety (3).

Both low Theta and Delta wave recordings are suited to lowering anxiety levels. Generally, Delta recordings are associated with helping people sleep, but for those with anxiety these very low-frequency waves will help reduce symptoms of anxiety and induce relaxation.

If you struggle with situations like job interviews, public speaking or social gatherings and suffer symptoms of anxiety, then try our Anxiety Release recording to get over the barriers stopping you performing at your best.

3. Better Sleep

Being less stressed and less anxious does wonders for your sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster and sleep deeper because your brain will be producing slower brainwaves due to operating at a lower frequency.

For those struggling with insomnia because of an overactive mind, using binaural beats before sleep will help stimulate the production of Delta frequency waves.

A study on binaural beats used to improve the sleep of soccer players concluded:

In summary, eight weeks of auditory stimulation with binaural beats improved perceived sleep quality and the post sleep state of athletes (4).

Try Blissful Sleep, Deep Sleep or both to help improve sleep quality.

For those interested in power napping during the day, try Power Nap.

4. Better Memory

Binaural beats may help improve brain performance by enabling better information transfer and retention. In one study researchers found that:

The cortical activity during 15 Hz binaural beats produced networks characteristic of high information transfer with consistent connection strengths throughout the visuospatial working memory task (5).

Gamma frequency binaural beats will help improve your long-term memory. A study of 58 participants aged between 6 and 60 years, each listening to 40Hz Gamma frequencies, concluded the following:

Statistical analysis showed a proportional relationship between long-term memory and gamma activity. Stimulation of gamma should enhance long term memory capacity. This key will enable the processing of information directly to and from human memory via gamma, the hippocampus and the temporal lobe (6).

You can try both Super Brain Power, and Memory Enhancer, to improve your mental performance.

5. Pain Relief

The relaxing properties of Theta binaural beats music naturally lends itself to the management of pain.

Indeed, a study on 36 US adults with various types of chronic pain, and with a median age of 47 years, ranging in ages from 26-69 years listened to 2 recordings: one using TBB at 6 Hz (TBB intervention) and one using a placebo of a nonbinaural beat tone of 300 Hz (sham intervention) for 20 minutes daily.

Both interventions lasted 14 successive days each, with some participants hearing the TBB intervention first and the sham intervention second and some hearing them in the reverse order.

The analysis indicated a large main effect for the TBB intervention in reducing perceived pain severity. The results supported the hypothesis that an external audio protocol of TBB was effective in reducing perceived pain severity for participants (7).

Our Pain Relief music is a popular choice for those struggling with pain of varying severity.

6. Better Mood

We know that listening to relaxing music reduces stress and anxiety levels, so it's logical that this improves mood and makes you feel happier.

But is there an advantage in listening to binaural beats music over standard relaxing/ambient music?

Research suggests there is. The results of one study testing Delta, Theta, and Beta binaural beats concluded:

Research suggests that the presentation of binaural auditory beats can affect psychomotor performance and mood (8).

Another study using Alpha binaural beats corroborated these results:

The results showed that the relaxing music has a long-term psychological and physiological effect on soothing the participants, as can be observed from the increase in alpha power and decrease in physiological measures after each session of training (9).

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, simply stick on a pair of headphones and listen to our Chill Pill meditation . This track will pick you up, dust you down, massage your mind and leave you on a natural high.

7. Deeper Meditation

Binaural beats music has long associated with meditation because meditators often use this type of music to access deep states of relaxation and subsequent higher consciousness.

They usually use Theta state recordings because the Theta state has long been considered a gateway to altered states of consciousness.

Research has confirmed that Theta binaural beats are suited to accessing a meditate state, concluding the following:

The pattern recorded for 10 min of exposure appeared to be brain functions of a meditative state. Moreover, tension factor of BRUMS was decreased in experimental group compared to control group which resembled the meditation effect. Thus, a 6-Hz binaural beat on a 250 Hz carrier tone was suggested as a stimulus for inducing a meditative state (10).

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a beginner, meditation is made much easier with the assistance of binaural beats.

Our Deep Meditation recording brings your mind to centre, helping you quickly cultivate a state of mindfulness.

If you want to elevate your spiritual consciousness and oneness with the world, check out our Spiritual Awakening and Earth Vibration tracks.

8. Higher Focus & Productivity

Less stress, and better sleep alone will improve focus and productivity, but accessing the ‘zen zone' or ‘flow state' when you're struggling to get going is made all the more easier with our special music.

EEG research shows that the Flow State is characterized by an increase in alpha and theta wave brain activity (11).

The alpha state is also considered the “solution zone”, where you are able to overcome challenges and solve problems.

Consider our Zen Focus track for deep focus while you work on a task, and our Flow State track for high productivity and peak performance.

9. Increased Creativity

If you suffer writer’s block, be it for ideas for music or art or for ways to move your company forward, then stimulating your creative juices with binaural beats can help.

Research suggests that binaural beats affect divergent thinking (12), which is the type of thinking that is used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. It typically occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing, “non-linear” manner.

Our Creativity Boost can evoke ideas and inspiration and help you get in the creative zone.

10. Greater Potential & Success

A combination of all the above benefits creates a holistic, life-optimizing experience.

With lower stress levels, less anxiety, better sleep, better mood, and increased productivity you will be a happier person and better placed to reach your potential and achieve your goals.

Greater mental clarity means better decision making, a healthier relationship with self and others, and an optimal personal platform for success in all areas of life. Moreover, you'll be a more fun, happier person to be around.

It is very easy to get started with our special music: All you have to do is put on your headphones and press play.

Listening to binaural beats offers a natural way to improve your state of mind in key life areas.

To get all the above benefits and more in our best value pack, check out the Mega Meditation Pack.

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