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Use Positive Energy Music to Lift Your Mood

We all have those days when we feel out of sorts, those days when we are more susceptible to negativity then others.

It could be the weather, it could be that someone has upset us, or it could be that work is getting on top or the bills are piling up.

Whatever the cause of the grey cloud above our head, we need a pick-me-up to step up to the play again and take on the world with a positive vibe.

Positivity Breeds Positivity

And its that positivity we put out that will be directly responsible for positive change. No doubt you’ve witnessed it in the past – when you’re in the zone, when you’re on fire, effortlessly approaching everything with a positive mind frame, getting the daily grind done without moaning, good things just seem to go your way.

This is the law of attraction, which simplified means that the world works like an energy mirror, positive and negative, yin and yang, if you like. What you put out you get back; the world mirrors your energy and reflects right back at you.

However, the minute we let negativity invade our space, the moment we let someone else’s negativity into our aura, we begin to slip into a rut, a rut that can be quite difficult to climb out of.

Mental Affects The Physical

The problem with the rut is that it isn’t just mental it’s physical. Feeling negative affects our energy levels, it courses through our entire body, affecting every aspect of our being, and we then affect others around us, too.

In short, negativity, laziness, low productivity, moaning and all the other symptoms of negativity are like a collective virus, capable of infecting our personal and work environments.

It's a vicious circle; the more down you get the less energy you have, and that's the irony of life at times – when you most need to get up you have no energy!

Don’t Choose Temporary Fixes

It’s all too easy to turn to temporary fixes and thrill seeking like an alcoholic drink, a night at the casino, smoking or recreational drugs, but these things only mask the problem, and ultimately drag us further down.

It's far easier to choose to simply turn on some positive energy music and lift your mood immediately. It's a natural, safe, holistic way of switching a negative state of mind to a positive one.

It costs a hell of a lot less than drowning your sorrows in a bar, that’s for sure – and you don't need to buy anyone else a drink!

Get Some Positive Energy Music

Positive energy music comes in a number of different forms. Some people like to listen to high-energy music like house or trance music to encourage adrenaline, others like hip-hop to encourage a more aggressive attitude to take on the world with.

The problem with this is that adrenaline will drop as quickly as it rose, and isn’t sustainable the whole day through, and aggression isn’t a positive emotion to put out into the world.

The best positive energy music entrains the brain to a balanced, natural mindful state that is sustainable over a long period of time, and can be built upon as the day and week progresses. Binaural beats meditation is perfect for creating such a mind state.

These special recordings lift us out of the haze and back on the road to positivity by taking the brain to a peaceful, happy-go-lucky, assertive, bright place. Binaural beats do this by entraining the brain to a new state.

For example, our Energy Express meditation uses Beta frequencies, which the brain naturally produces for wakefulness and a state of high-energy. The sound waves underneath the recording create the brain state required to feel revitalised and raring to go.

The recording features natural rain ambience, which has been used in standard guided meditation recordings for decades, as a way of bringing the mind to centre, away from the negative judgments, perceptions and stresses of everyday life.

It’s wonderful for those down in the dumps days, whether self-inflicted by a late night or brought on by life’s ups and downs.

On the flip side, if you’re stressed out and too highly strung, unable to settle your troubled mind and restless body, try our Chill Pill meditation, which uses Theta frequencies to entrain the brain to a calm, peaceful state that will leave you on a natural, care-free high.

There’s no cure like music and being among nature, and when you combine these properties into a recording with frequencies that literally tweak your brain to the desired state, there is no better cure for negativity.

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