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How Binaural Beats Can Boost Confidence & Improve Self-Esteem

Confidence is all in the mind. It's about mindset, and mindset is difficult to change.

The question is: can brainwave entrainment, in this case binaural beats, help you improve your confidence?

The short answer is yes, particularly when combined with positive subliminal messaging.

In this post we'll explore how individually these two self-development tools are powerful, and how together they create a force for profound change.


The Quest for Confidence

In our highly competitive society and the self-critical narrative many of us find ourselves in as a result, the majority of us could do with being more confident.

Particularly in challenging situations like public speaking, changing career path, and even socializing with people you have never met before.

In fact, people pay hundreds of dollars for courses and seminars that teach you how to be more confident.

Such teachings cover how to overcome negative thoughts and anxiety and fear, and how to deal with symptoms of nervousness such as sweaty palms, butterflies, and stumbling over your words.

When we don't feel confident enough to move forward, we find a way out. We find a pathway around, an excuse, a diversion.

In other words we ‘chicken out' and avoid having to face up to our lack of confidence and the root issues behind it.

It can be quite easy to live a life of avoidance and settle for fading into the background, but the trade off is that you give up on your goals and your potential.

Living without self-confidence means not taking on new challenges and setting goals because you fear failure, fear underperforming, and fear being laughed at or ridiculed.

Avoiding challenges and opportunities is self-limiting, and can lead to deeper negativity and potentially depression.

The good news is that we can address lack of confidence. But first we need to understand where it comes from in the first place, and how it takes such a grip over our lives.

Cultivating a Confident Mindset

To create confidence we need four things:

  1. To believe we are good enough.
  2. To overcome fear of failure.
  3. To overcome fear of shame/ridicule.
  4. To overcome the fear of being judged.

The question is: why are we so afraid of underachieving, of being laughed at, of what other people think?

Because of the beliefs stored in our subconscious mind.

You see, as children we essentially start out with a blank canvas. We absorb everything from the world around us.

The adult influences in our lives teach us right from wrong, and the experiences we have teach us about cause-and-effect. If we do x then y will happen.

We form our view of the world and the way it makes us feel from a very young age.

This is the reason that childhood trauma can go onto affect us deep into adult life. Our experiences end up dictating our emotions and how we navigate through the world.

In adult life we carry on absorbing information, although the difference is that we are able to filter it through our adult experiences and generally keep what we want (positive) and reject the rest (negative).

However, even in adulthood we can't always control our level of exposure to certain events.

This means that a traumatic experience can still scar the subconscious mind with information, which in turn creates self-limiting negative emotions and behaviors.


The Conscious Vs. Subconscious Mind

The key to understanding how the subconscious mind works is to understand that we aren't conscious of the information it receives. It is not in our focal awareness.

Think of it like this: the conscious mind is at the front, receiving language and images and making sense of interactions in the moment, and responding based on prior experience.

But the subconscious mind is at the back, absorbing the associated information: the meanings, the emotions and the feelings evoked.

It then either rejects this information based on existing information in the database, or absorbs the information as new information, or as more powerful information than the current data stored and therefore overwriting the database.

The subconscious mind stores your beliefs, your previous experience, your memories, your skills

For example: you may be very comfortable with the way that you look.

Others may regularly comment on how good you look in a particular outfit, or how nice your hair looks. You may have never had a problem attracting members of the opposite sex.

Because of this, your subconscious mind has stored positive information about your looks and you are self-confident in this area.

However, if you were to get into a relationship with an abusive person, who constantly picked on certain aspects of your body and the way you look, it is likely that over time you will absorb this negative information in the subconscious mind and begin to believe it.

Your behavior will change based on these new beliefs and you will become insecure about your looks.

If you've ever heard the term the power of suggestion; this is how powerful it can be. It can fundamentally change your the way you think and feel.

While this is a negative example, it is also a very good example of how difficult it can be to change the beliefs held in your subconscious mind. The longer we behave in accordance with these beliefs, the more deeply engrained they become.

This is why you'll often hear people say “I'm not a confident person”. They truly believe that this is part of their personality, part of their genetic makeup.

Sure, some people are naturally shyer than others, or more reserved and not as forthcoming or outgoing. But lacking the confidence to embark on new, exciting opportunities in life due to a fear of the four attributes we covered earlier is because something is fundamentally wrong in your programming.

To truly change your self-confidence you need to change your subconscious beliefs. You need to wipe the data from the hard-drive and write new data to the memory.

How Binaural Beats Can Improve Your Confidence

Binaural beats are generally associated with meditation and relaxation. They have been shown to help with stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep, and improving memory and focus.

But can simply listening to a particular frequency range help improve your confidence, specifically.


We can promote positive thinking by listening to binaural beats in the alpha frequency range. In the alpha state the mind is awake, calm, relaxed and focused, which is conducive to relieving the symptoms associated with feeling anxious and lacking in confidence.

When you listen, the binaural beats will entrain the brain to move into a state of calm, relaxed focus.

If you listen regularly to improve your state of mind when faced with a particular situation that makes you feel unconfident – such as having to meet new people, speak publicly, or take an exam – over time your brain will automatically shift into this state on its own, and you'll feel less anxious and more confident in such situations.

This is a similar principal to ‘positive association'.

As a child, if you are positively encouraged by your teachers you will enjoy school. But if you are shouted at and told you aren't good enough, you will dislike school.

Your brain gets used to feeling a specific way in a given situation, and your emotions respond accordingly.

Again, as we have covered, throughout our lives the brain is constantly making these associations (based on the information it receives) and storing beliefs that reflect our feelings in the subconscious mind.

So while binaural beats can help shift the brain into a state conducive to confidence when we need it, to really address the issue at its root, we ned to re-program the subconscious mind.

And the way we can do that is by using positive subliminal messaging.

We have combined our signature binaural beats music with subliminal messaging to create a powerful self-development tool that can help you become more confident.


Binaural Beats & Subliminal Message for Self-Confidence

The subconscious mind serves your conscious mind with your beliefs and the conscious mind responds accordingly.

So if you believe that you're ugly, it won't matter if I tell you that you're not ugly; because you will judge my comment based on your existing belief.

You will immediately reject my comment with your conscious mind. This is your default behavior (response), programmed by your sub-conscious beliefs.

It is almost impossible to break through this barrier without some form of therapy.

This is why, even when a person loses lots of weight and everyone thinks they look great, they still see a fat person in the mirror – because the belief is so deep rooted.

Similarly, this is why it doesn't matter how many times someone tells you “you're good enough”, you still won't believe it –  much to the frustration of the person who's telling you.

So we need to find a way to make persistent suggestions to the subconscious mind, without the conscious mind getting in the way and blocking those suggestions.

We lay positive subliminal messages underneath our binaural beats music.

These subliminal messages are designed to play above the human hearing threshold. This means they bypass your audible hearing threshold (and the conscious mind), but the information (the words) still reaches the subconscious mind.

Research shows that subliminal messaging has a long-term effect on decision making (1), and on stimulation of memory (2). So with regular listening you can reprogram your beliefs and subsequent behaviors.

The human hearing range is approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz. What we do is filter the voice recording of the subliminal affirmations up to around 17-18 kHz; just so it is above the average person's hearing threshold.

So even though the subconscious mind can still identify the language (as long as you speak English), it is not perceived as audible by the conscious mind. Therefore the conscious mind cannot block the information getting through to the subconscious.

By regularly listening to these positive subliminal messages that promote confidence about your ability to achieve and succeed and go beyond your perceived potential, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and overcome your self-limiting negative beliefs.

The amazing thing is that the binaural beats, overlaid with relaxing music, work to take your brain into a state that is relaxed, calm and free of anxiety, and also receptive to new information,  while the positive subliminal messaging bypasses the conscious mind and talks to the subconscious.

This two-pronged approach is capable of bringing about profound change.

Which Tracks to Use

We have two tracks in particular that will help you improve your confidence and overcome fear of failure. you will have seen them pictured above earlier in this post.

1. Self-Confidence Meditation

2. Overcome Fear of Failure Meditation

If you also suffer with anxiety and from negative thinking, you should also check out the Anxiety Release and Positive Thinking meditations.

You can combine these four tracks into a listening routine to create a powerful program that helps improve your self-confidence.

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