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How Using Binaural Beats Can Boost Confidence

Confidence is about mindset. In other words, with the right coaching tools you can train the mind to be more confident in challenging situations. In fact, people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to learn how to be more confident at seminars with gurus such as Tony Robbins.

Moreover, millions of books and audio courses are sold each year teaching strategies for getting rid of the nerves, the palm sweats, the butterflies, the mumbles, the disorientation and all the other hellish symptoms that come with the fear of messing up an important task or event.

However, the majority of the time, when we don't feel confident enough, we just find a way out, a pathway around, an excuse, a diversion; in other words ‘we chicken out' and avoiding having to face up to our lack of confidence.

It's actually quite easy to live a life like this, but the trade off is giving up a large portion of your life. Living without having the confidence to fulfill your full potential isn't really living.

Avoiding challenges and opportunities is limiting, and eventually can lead to depression because of the feeling of having underachieved or failed.

Cultivating a Confident Mindset

All those aforementioned associated symptoms, however, amount to one thing, and that is mindset. If we can entrain the mind to a   “confident state” often enough, then over time, this mind state will become a habitual state of mind in circumstances where our confidence used to make us fall short.

Binaural beats can assist us in this task through the ‘frequency following response' process. Basically, you need a binaural beats track engineered to create a mindset conducive to confidence.

By listening to the track each time you feel unconfident, you will train the brain to shift eliminate that negative mind state in such circumstances, replacing it with a positive mind state of calm, certainty and self-assurance.

Using Alpha Waves for Confidence

The alpha brain state operates at a frequency range of 8-14 Hz. In this state the mind is awake, calm, relaxed and focused on the inner ‘self' – perfect state for tempering the symptoms associated with being unconfident and anxious.

It has been well-documented that Zen-trained meditation masters produce noticeably more alpha waves during meditation, and so it makes sense that we want the brain to produce alpha waves when we are trying to remain calm and confident; thus the expression “cool like a Zen monk”.

A similar mind state can also be achieved by generating theta waves, but alpha waves are slightly better suited to boosting confidence because the mind is less “zoned out” and more “zoned in”, so to speak.

For example, you could listen to an alpha recording right up until the moment before public speaking, but with a theta recording you might be a little too “inner focused” and struggle to put the right energy across. At BBM we generally reserve theta for meditation (low) and deep concentration and focus (high).

It isn't just Zen monks making use of their alpha waves, though. Psychologists are now starting to use frequency response treatment using alpha waves to help people overcome phobias, calm down hyperactive children, and help children with stuttering problems to relax enough to practice regular speech.

Try Binaural Beats for Confidence Today

If you're looking for binaural beats for confidence we recommend you check out our Anxiety Release meditation. This alpha state recording is engineered to create a calm yet confident state of mind by eliminating symptoms associated with anxiety and fear.

The recording is ideal for those who suffer nervousness, lack of confidence, fear and general anxiety before exams, public speaking, work presentations and other important life events. You can download a 5-minute sample by clicking here. 

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