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Are There Any Side Effects to Listening Binaural Beats?

One question people often ask when researching binaural beats is whether or not there are side effects to using the recordings. And you can't blame anyone for wondering, when you consider that brain entrainment changes brain state - even if it does so positively.
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American Academy Ophthalmology binaural beats research study

Binaural Beats Research: Anxiety Relief During Surgery

A recent study has proven that the use of binaural beats during surgery correlates with less anxiety and reduced systolic blood pressure. The research was carried out on senior patients undergoing cataract surgery. 141 participants were randomly allocated into three groups; binaural beats, musical intervention and control. One group listened to binaural→ Read more

The Impact of Binaural Beats on Anxiety: 6 Research Studies Explored

One area that binaural beats have been subject to numerous studies is for depression, anxiety, stress and conditions related to the inability to relax.
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Study: Binaural Beats Improve Anxiety, Quality of Life, & Reduce IGF-1

This particular study took place in 2007, with the goal of assessing the psychologic and physiologic effects of binaural beats. Carried out by the Helfgott Research Institute, each subject was given a CD containing delta (0-4 Hz) binaural beats to listen to daily for 60 days.→ Read more
how long does it take binaural beats to work

How Long Does It Take Binaural Beats to Work?

We get a number of emails from people asking how long it takes binaural beats to work before they buy, so I thought it was worth posting up on the blog on this topic.
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isochronic tones vs binaural beats

Are Isochronic Tones Better Than Binaural Beats?

The big debate in the brainwave entrainment world over the last two years has been are isochronic tones better than binaural beats – are they more effective than BBS at brainwave entrainment?. The short answer is no, but there are considerable differences between the two, which we will explore in this→ Read more © 2011-2020. Mindful Media.