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binaural beats therapy for a long life

Binaural Beats Therapy Stimulates Long Life & Wellbeing Hormones

A study by a previous president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., discovered that alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns produced using binaural beats therapy will radically alter the production of three important hormones recognized as key factors in long life and well-being, namely,→ Read more
binaural beats for adhd

New Science Shows Binaural Beats Can Help ADHD Sufferers

Record numbers of adults and children are being diagnosed with ADHD, a condition typically characterised inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. ADHD has become the most common psycho-social disorder in children, affecting almost 4.5 million children.
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The Discovery of Binaural Beats & Dr Gerald Oster’s Auditory Beats In The Brain

Having read our 'How it Works' page, you've probably got a good idea of how binaural beats work, and tested the science for yourself using the sample provided and a pair of headphones. If you're anything like us here in the 'BBM lab' (as we like to call it) you→ Read more
are binaural beats dangerous

Are Binaural Beats Dangerous?

The short answer is no, binaural beats are not dangerous. And here's why: Binaural beat technology, while a science of sorts, occurs entirely naturally. The beat is created by the perception of the brain upon receiving two different tones.
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binaural beats dangerous

Understanding How Binaural Beats Technology Works

Using binaural beat technology is incredibly easy; just stick on some headphones, relax and hit play on your iPod/mp3 player or computer, but understanding how it works is a little more difficult for some people to get their heads around. In this post we break down the jargon and explain→ Read more

Case Study: Using Binaural Beats to Cure Sleep Paralysis

Binaural beats can assist in the reduction of sleep paralysis episodes, controlling those horrible nights when you become paralysed, often feeling like there is someone pinning your chest down while a dark presence stalks the room.
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