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How Binaural Beats Can Help You Sleep Better

In an increasingly sleepless world, and a world becoming increasingly concerned with the risks surrounding taking pills for insomnia, people are turning to natural therapies to help them fall asleep faster and stay awake without periodic waking.

The problem is, herbal remedies aren't very powerful, and don't work for every one. Binaural beats, however, can be very effective.

Binaural beats work by replicating the brain state for the required goal. So a recording in the delta frequency zone, which is the zone the brain settles into when it prepares the body for sleep.

What happens where we're stressed, over tired and running high on adrenaline, anxious or worried is that the brain gets stuck in the beta zone and finds it difficult to enter the sleepy state we require to get a good night's sleep.

By using a binaural recording engineered for sleep we can entrain the brain to associate bedtime with sleep, and induce the necessary brain-state required for sleep. Listening to Deep Sleep, for example, up to 2 hours before bedtime, will bring the brain into the delta zone and induce a feeling of tiredness.

The great thing about binaural beats sleep recordings is that they are perfectly natural and 100% safe. Binaural recordings simply do what the brain naturally does, which is move between frequencies.

However, it is easy to become stuck in one particular state, for example when you are worried about a big day or upset about something.

When we worry a lot or go through a period of consistent stress, it is easy for the brain/body to become accustomed to this state, and as such it becomes habitual. Binaural frequency response is a natural remedy which unlocks the state and retrains the brain.

This isn't to say that listening to a binaural recording in the delta zone will instantly put you to sleep. It may have that effect on you, especially if you are overtired and need to sleep but can't stop your mind racing.

For some people it will take a a few days of training to remap the brain. At the very least, you will instantly feel more calm, relaxed and receptive to sleep.

Even a recording in the low theta zone will induce sleep in some people, and many meditators using theta zone recordings refrain from lying down when meditating in case they fall asleep.

If you're having trouble sleeping check out the Blissful Sleep meditation to help retrain your body to sleep faster and all the way through the night.

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