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are binaural beats dangerous

Are Binaural Beats Dangerous?

The short answer is no, binaural beats are not dangerous. And here's why…

Binaural beat technology, while a science of sorts, occurs entirely naturally. The beat is created by the perception of the brain upon receiving two different tones.

Humans hear sound waves made up of different frequency levels all the time. Sounds come from all directions of the natural world, from animals, the elements, even plants and trees.  But not all frequencies are audible to humans.

Humans have a range of hearing from 20 Hz (low) to 20,000 Hz (high), meaning anything outside this range is inaudible.

And so you see we're subject to frequencies all the time; when we walk around, when we sit at home, even when we sleep – so how could BBs possibly be dangerous?

are binaural beats dangerous

Two Ways Binaural Beats Could Endanger Your Health

There are only a couple of ways binaural beats could potentially damage your health.

1. Listening to the recordings so loudly that your hearing was damaged.

2. Listening to recordings to such excess that you gave yourself a headache.

This naturally occurring phenomenon – and I say natural because it is a process the brain has to respond to for the effects to be realised –  has been around since the late 1800s, becoming fully recognised in its current format in 1973 by Doctor Gerald Oster, as documented in his paper called ‘Auditory Beats in the Brain’ (Scientific American, 1973).

In short, if BBs were dangerous, someone would have suffered ill effects by now, or worse still, died. They haven't. Instead, the technology is gaining notoriety and being integrated into a number of therapy practices relating to ADHD, anxiety disorders, sleeping disorders and learning disorders.

In Summary

If you stumble across any alarmist binaural beats dangerous articles online, you can rest assured the information is based purely on speculation and rumour. You can test for yourself right here.

You can listen to binaural beats responsibly and simply by simply setting the volume to a medium setting, and by limiting your daily use to 3 or 4 recordings a day – not because listening to more than that will harm you, but because the effects of the type of recordings you are using may become more pronounced than you want them to be.

Excessive listening to high frequency rate recordings may also give you a mild headache after a while, simply because of the concentration of sound waves at such a close range: think what would happen if you put your head in between two speakers playing rock music for 8 hours.

Rest assured, the only effects you'll feel from binaural beats will be positive ones.

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