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Theta healing

The Benefits of Theta Healing

A number of healers use theta recordings as a way of quickly getting into a very relaxed state when working with patients.

We have a number of reiki clients in particular who use our Deep Meditation and Spiritual Awakening recordings to help them cultivate calm energy before practice, which is essential for successful healing.

Energy can be felt through the sixth sense of awareness, and is transferable. So to ensure the patient is able to fully relax and receives positive healing energy, the healer must be in a neutral, calm state.

If we flip this process around, the patient can also benefit from theta meditations. For example, those suffering anxiety and stress, both mental and physical, will benefit from the natural, relaxed mind state induced by the theta waves.

Theta recordings work in the 4-8hz frequency zone, and a theta recording at about 6hz will induce a peaceful relaxation, capable of warding off anxiety and negative, spiraling thought processes.

In turn, the theta state lowers heart rate and reduces muscle tension, helping reduce stress on the body and further relaxing the brain.

Theta recordings are therefore ideal for anyone undergoing reiki or other massage therapy, or practicing yoga or meditation to manage stress and anxiety.

Theta healing has instant, and quite dramatic results, largely because the impact is felt immediately. With prescription medication there is a time period required for the body to adjust, whereas with binaural beats theta recordings positive change is immediately apparent.

Moreover, theta brain entrainment is entirely natural, having no negative side effects on overall health whatsoever.

 Using theta recordings on a daily basis will positively enhance mood, and as such help you overcome challenging situations and circumstances.

Other notable knock-on benefits are increased confidence, better health and wellbeing, higher tolerance threshold, better relationships with friends and family,  better sleep, and subsequently a happier, more contented existence.

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