Memory Enhancer

$ 9.95

Track Length: Includes 30 & 60 Minute Versions
Sound Design: Soothing flute sweeps, gentle ambient textures, piano trickles,
Sound Waves: Gamma (40Hz)

Memory decline and mild cognitive impairment begins around the age of 30. The good news, however, is that science has discovered a relationship between gamma brainwave activity and the improvement of long-term memory; meaning it is possible to maintain and even improve memory as you age.

Our Memory Enhancer meditation uses gamma waves at 40 Hz to stimulate the connections between neurons and in turn enhance data recall and memory capacity.

In addition, all instrumentation in the recording is turned to 432 Hz (a frequency known for its healing properties) to promote brain health.

For additional information on this recording, please read the longer description below.

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Product Description

Statistical analysis shows a proportional relationship between long-term memory and gamma activity. Studies suggest that stimulation of the brain with gamma waves helps improve memory capacity, and enables better processing of information directly to and from the hippocampus and the temporal lobe – the area of the brain primarily associated with memory and navigation.

Spectral analyses in patients revealed that gamma oscillations (a movement back and forth in a regular rhythm) increase in line with memory load, providing evidence that gamma oscillations support the maintenance of working memory.

In addition, high gamma activity contributes to the successful functioning of spatial memory, which is the part of memory responsible for recording information about our environment orientation.

Regular usage of our Memory Enhancer meditation will help you absorb, retain and recall information and help you maintain long-term memory and brain health as you age.

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