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using binaural beats in pregnancy

Is it Safe to Use Binaural Beats During Pregnancy?

This is a question that has come up numerous times among brainwave entrainment users, and having just returned from a scan for my wife, who is nearly 7 months pregnant, I thought it worth penning a post to cover this matter and provide my thoughts and experiences.

using binaural beats in pregnancy

(That's our baby waving in the scan picture, by the way.)

As per our policy, we recommend that those who suffer from seizures and/or take psychotropic medications should not use binaural beats, quite simply because rapidly increasing or decreasing brainwave stimulation in such people could trigger a seizure or an episode of mania.

We also do not recommend our music to pregnant women. But why?

Are Binaural Beats Unsafe For Pregnant Women?

There is no evidence suggesting that listening to binaural beats is dangerous for pregnant women. There has never been a documented case of a negatively affected pregnancy attributed to brainwave entrainment of any kind.

In fact, as a qualified sound engineer, I'd say it's physically impossible for a fetus to be negatively affected in any way by a pregnant woman listening to frequencies in this way.

If that were the case, then pregnant women would potentially be at risk from WIFI, radio waves, microwaves and other frequencies flying around in the atmosphere.

But the reason we don't recommend binaural beats to pregnant women is because from a legal standpoint we can't afford to risk being accused of something unrelated to our music.

Such is the world today: what if a woman were to listen to our music and then something unfortunate happened in her pregnancy and she became convinced it was due to our music?

Because this is an alternative therapy, of sorts, we have no official safety clearance from the Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulated governing body.

So in short, we need to protect ourselves against getting sued by any pregnant woman who might claim that an unrelated pregnancy problem was related to listening to our special music. It's as simple as making sure we stay on the right side of the law.

That said, every person is entitled to freedom of choice.

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How My Wife Successfully Used Binaural Beats During Pregnancy

My wife has been listening to Theta and Alpha binaural beats meditations during her pregnancy to relax her back and shoulder muscles and help her mental balance amidst the flurry of unpredictable hormones.

Our latest 7-month (6 months 2 and a half weeks to be exact) scan shows a very healthy baby of just over 1kg; 800g being a healthy weight.

The doctor is very pleased with the health of my wife, too, who she says has good blood pressure and healthy lungs.

My wife is 35, and prior to the tests and scan we had just returned from holiday on a 13 hour flight. She was jet-lagged and had hardly slept.

In my opinion the binaural beats meditations have done her the world of good. Relaxation can't be a bad thing. A reduction is stress and anxiety and better sleep is valuable during pregnancy.

But still, we must not recommend that pregnant women use our recordings, because even though I'd recommend them for my own family, as a professional vendor, I cannot do so for my customers.

If you decide to make the personal choice that you do want to follow my wife's lead and listen while you're pregnant, stick to the aforementioned frequency range tracks (Alpha and Theta). Delta will be fine too, but avoid Beta and gamma too, as these will cause high frequency brainwave stimulation, and  you don't want to risk increasing your heart rate.

As I said, we have to say that we “don't recommend” binaural beats during pregnancy to legally protect ourselves in light of no FDA evaluation. But you can always speak to your doctor and explain what this type of music does. Your doctor can then give you his/her opinion and you can make a decision from there.

Simply put, binaural beats encourage the brain to produce brainwaves in a specific frequency range / a particular frequency by using entrainment – a process of “frequency following response”.

The influence of frequencies are all around us. Our brains are entrained constantly by music and sounds we hear.

Listening to a binaural beats track simply delivers frequencies at close range and in continuity to entrain the brain to positive states of being, be that relaxation or focus. It is scientifically impossible that this could harm a baby.

*Update: Our baby girl was born at a healthy 8lbs. She loves music too, so maybe it was our binaural beats she heard from inside the womb.

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