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How to Increase Concentration with Binaural Beats

For those who find it hard to concentrate on work or study, binaural beats are a breath of fresh air, providing a natural cure for an overactive mind, hyperactivity and general lack of being able to focus on a specific task for a noteworthy period of time.

Recordings engineered in the high theta/low alpha zones promote a meditative type state where the user feels calm, peaceful and relaxed, but attentive and focussed.

This is ideal for zoning in on a task that requires hours of continuous work. Binaural beats work by creating a specific frequency for the brain to follow; this is called frequency response.

As you listen to the recording in stereo headphones, a different frequency is sent to each ear, the difference between the two frequencies matches the frequency required to induce the desired state of concentration.

So for example, if the left ear is sent a sound frequency of 200 Hz and the right ear is sent one of 21o Hz, the brainwaves automatically begin to vibrate at the difference between these two signals (ie. 10 Hz). The technical term for this reaction is ‘frequency following response’.

While any recording in the theta zone will induce a calm, attentive state of mind, binaural beats engineers are able to create recordings that specifically promote high-level concentration. This is particularly helpful for those with stressful jobs, or students that need an extra push of concentration for difficult assignments/ studying for exams.

These recordings allow the user to concentrate for long periods of time without experiencing the usual sporadic nature of the mind, which causes constant distraction as we try to focus on a task.

The recordings simultaneously eliminate any stress or anxiety associated with the task, which is particularly helpful for those wanting to avoid taking prescription drugs for anxiety and stress linked to a heavy work load.

These scientifically proven qualities that enable people to increase concentration with binaural beats have struck a chord with many behavioral therapists and clinicians, who are now turning to BBs for help in assisting patients with attention deficit and associated disorders.

The benefits in being able to increase concentration at the flick of a button are broad. Deep concentration boosts creativity, as specific frequencies allow the mind to experience a sense of creative freedom that a mind on high alert mode would block out. As such, many artists and writers now use binaural beat recordings specifically engineered to enhance the creative mind.

To ensure you get the results you're seeking, it's important that you buy the correct recording engineered in the appropriate frequency range. To hike your concentration capabilities check out our Zen Focus meditation.

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