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Using Binaural Beats for Deeper Intimacy & Better Orgasms

Studies have shown that binaural beats music can invoke deeper relaxation, reduce anxiety and help us focus.

But can this type of brainwave entrainment assist in reducing the tension and anxiety many people feel around sexual encounters?

In this post we look at how you can increase sexual arousal and experience deeper orgasms simply by listening to this music.


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Intimacy & Relaxation, a Common Problem

Many people struggle with having an orgasm, and for some, even getting comfortable for self-exploration during masturbation is a challenge.

There are many reasons for this, including stress levels, cultural taboos around sexual activity, body image issues, and heightened body sensitivity.

When we experience stress, we produce elevated levels of the hormone Cortisol.

When high levels of Cortisol are produced over a prolonged period of time, our appetite for sex begins to diminish.

A common problem during intimate encounters is being able to relax and let go.

Anxiety builds around insecurities, which are likely to have been long established through past experiences.

This can create a barrier between what we want to do and what we are able to do.

We end up freezing during intimacy with a partner, or find that we are unable to let go and enjoy the moment.

How Music Can Heighten Sexual Pleasure

The good news is that science has shown that music can help us relax and stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain.

Here's a quick summary of some interesting research:

In a research study, scientists proved that the brain uses the same reward pathways as those used when we experience sexual pleasure.

Therefore, listening to the right music may act as an effective vehicle to heightening sexual arousal and feelings of pleasure.

The study gave subjects a prescription opioid blocker to block the opioids in the brain known to be directly involved in pleasure, so they essentially blocked their ability to sense pleasure.

The subjects were then played their favorite music, and another form of “neutral music” (the control group).

The impressions our participants shared with us after the experiment were fascinating. “One said: ‘I know this is my favorite song but it doesn’t feel like it usually does’. “Another admitted: ‘It sounds pretty, but it’s not doing anything for me’.”

Overall, the subjects noted that they did not feel the same pleasure they usually did when listening to their favorite music.

Skin Orgasms & Music

Researchers have also found that we experience what are known as skin orgasms when listening to certain music.

You may have felt this yourself when listening to a particular song or composition,. It can manifest itself as tingling sensations in the body, goose bumps, or even sexual arousal for some people.

The skin or musical thrill orgasm is a sensation of pleasure that is both universal and variable, it affects different parts of the human body and depends on the person and the circumstances in which it manifests itself. A sensation that has certain biological and psychological characteristics similar to a sexual orgasm. (Source)

Bonding & Music

Other research shows that music has the ability to bond us, to synchronize bodily rhythms and create a “biological soil for an elevated sense of togetherness”.

Passively listening to music increases interpersonal synchronization of cardiovascular and respiratory rhythms. (Source).

So music has the ability to relax us, stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain and even make us orgasm.

When you think about it, we kind of know this already, because in addition to dimming the lights and using candles and herbal aromas to relax, many people put on slow, ambient music to create an intimate setting.

And using binaural beats frequencies, we can take this science a step further and create music specially designed to enhance intimacy.

Creating a Binaural Beats Orgasm

The “binaural beats orgasm” has become somewhat of a common term in therapy music circles. But how does it actually work?

Binaural beats entrain the brain to specific states, and are most commonly used for relaxation purposes.

To orgasm, you need to relax. Being stressed and tense is the perfect remedy to prevent this happening.

As the research above suggests, by listening to the right type of music, you can stimulate your pleasure senses; resulting in a state of heightened arousal and a better bond with your partner.

We've taken this scientific potential and added our music production experience to create the ideal musical composition for sexual arousal.

It's called Tantric Stimulation: a deeply relaxing, sexually stimulating soundtrack.

Special Music Tuning

Tantric Stimulation works on two levels to evoke a relaxed, sexually aroused state of mind:

Firstly, the musical itself is created using soft tones and ambient textures, designed to make you feel warm, safe and secure.

If you think about the perfect setting for an intimate encounter, be that solo masturbation or sex with a partner, it is one that is private and insulated from the rest of the world.

We have tuned the music (all the instruments and sounds) to a frequency of 528 Hz. This specific frequency is taken from the ancient Solfeggio Scale and is known as the “Love Frequency”.

Depending on how attuned your ear is to music, you may not notice that this music is tuned differently to that of other relaxing music, but you will instantly feel that it has a different presence about it that makes you engage.

This tuning gives the music a naturally soothing feel. It is said to connect your heart and spiritual being to the universe.

In addition, we've used a combination of musical elements that work in harmony to create a present, relaxed and hedonistic state of being.

The result is a feeling of wanting to submit to your being: to your body and sexuality. This is the ideal state for those who struggle to relax during intimacy, either alone or with a partner.

Binaural Beats Frequencies

The second approach is that we have layered specific binaural beats frequencies underneath the music to entrain the brain into a deeply relaxed state.

The first half of the composition contains a frequency set to 9 Hz (Hertz).

This frequency is said to promote awareness of sexuality and the reproductive system. This is the lower tier of the Alpha state; so you will feel relaxed but still aware and consciously grounded.

Again, in this regard the music seeks to create a connection, to merge you with your sexuality and break down any insecurities, fear and anxiety you might have around touching and feeling; be it your body or someone else's.

The second half of the composition drops down into the Delta state. This state is deeply relaxing, and at the lower end (around 1 Hz / 0.5 Hz) is associated with sleep.

However, we don't go that low. Instead we use a frequency of 2.5 Hertz; a frequency associated with the production of endogenous opiates.

As noted in the first study we summarized at the start of this post, the opioid system controls pain, reward and addictive behaviors:

As with food intake, the control of the multiple aspects of sexual behavior relies on a complex neurocircuitry, where the components of the opioid system are well represented.

Opioids are commonly described as exerting an inhibitory influence on male and female sexual activity.

The data reviewed (in this study) clearly demonstrate that brain opioids play a critical role in modulating food and sexual reinforcement. (source)

As the music plays and the track winds deeper into your mind, you will feel progressively more stimulated and drawn to engage in sexual activity.

binaural beats orgasm

How to Listen to the Music

The science behind binaural beats dictates that the synchronicity between ears for the effect to occurs is only possible when using headphones.

This is not a problem when engaging in solo masturbation; when laying on a bed, for example. Bluetooth headphones are also useful in this situation.

However, headphones are problematic when being intimate with a partner. Let's be honest, it wouldn't go down very well (pardon the pun) to slip on a pair of headphones during your encounter.

To address this issue, we have created a version of the music using isochronic tones. This is a form of brainwave entrainment that can be listened to without using headphones.

So you can use the headphone version for solo encounters, and the non-headphones version for partnered encounters.

Also bear in mind that the music itself is designed to create an intimate setting, so simply playing it in the background will provide you with the relaxation and sexual arousal required for more enjoyable encounters.

When you download the product package, you will receive both the binaural beats and isochronic tones versions of the music.

What's more, we include 30-minute, 1-hour and 2-hour long-play versions of the music. So that's 6 tracks altogether, for just $14.99.

The purpose of providing you with the different length versions is so that you may choose a duration best suited to the encounter.

For example: the 30-minute version would be used for self-masturbation, and the 1 and 2-hour versions for encounters with a partner – which are generally longer.

Orgasmic Meditation

The link between meditation and sex is nothing new. Indeed, the term Orgasmic Meditation has been around for decades.

This is a type of sexual meditation where the clitoris (could also be the penis) is stroked for up to 15 minutes prior to penetration.

Although it usually ends in orgasm, this idea is not to focus on a goal, but simply to be present enough to connect with your sexual being.

The deep relaxation that ensues can induce an explosive orgasm.

This relaxed state, with a lack of focus on an outcome, is the key to better orgasms, even when using your binaural beats music.

Those who struggle to climax or even to get in the mood for intimacy, will know that the more you think about the orgasm the less likely it is to happen.

Meditation brings the mind to center: It helps you filter the distraction of outside influences, calm your overthinking mind and any negative energy infiltrating your space.

Our Tantric Stimulation music encapsulates this state of mind and entrains your brain accordingly. You don't have to do anything.

You don't have to force yourself into the mood.

You simply relax and let go and allow your mind to settle, without grasping onto any future goal or thinking about negative experiences of the past.

As such, this makes the music a natural remedy for those who find it difficult to relax during sexual intercourse, and for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction or partial paralysis caused by nervousness and the inability to relax.

It is also ideal for those who do not struggle with intimacy but want to reach higher levels of sexual arousal.

In Summary

Research shows that simply listening to relaxing music while making love or masturbating will have a positive effect on how much you are able to let go and enjoy the encounter, and on your ability to orgasm.

Listening to music like our Tantric Stimulation track, either during masturbation or sexual activity with a partner will reduce stress, tension and nervousness and help you do the following:

  1. Relax, let go and get into the “intimacy zone”
  2. Increase your ability to trust and understand your body
  3. Increase your confidence being naked
  4. Increase your confidence in touching and being touched
  5. Improve libido
  6. Increase orgasm intensity
  7. Improve your ability to have multiple orgasms
  8. Increase your potential to “mindgasm” (without physical stimulation)

Ready for a binaural beats orgasm?

+ Download Tantric Stimulation Here

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