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Have You Ever Tried a Binaural Beats Meditation Orgasm?

A study in the scientific American has revealed that when you meditate, the left side of your brain lights up, and when you have sex, the right side of your brain lights up.

The study suggests that the brain reacts the same way to sex as it does to meditation, helping dissolve our sense of self-awareness and separating the mind from the ego.

Those of us who meditate don't really need this evidence to tell us just how effective meditation is as an aphrodisiac, but it's always interesting and nice to see science consolidating the benefits of meditation and the power of the mind.

There are numerous personal accounts by binaural beats meditation users of better orgasms or multiple orgasms after listening to specific recordings designed for deep relaxation.

And then there's the “mindgasm”, which can be achieved with or without meditation music. A mindgasm is an orgasm while sitting still with no movement or physical stimulation whatsoever.

There's also the art of Orgasmic Meditation. OM is a type of sexual meditation whereby the clitoris is stroked by your partner for up to 15 minutes prior to penetration.

OM is meditation-like because, although it usually ends in orgasm, the practice is goaless. The idea is simply to be present enough to connect with your sexual being. The deep relaxation that ensues can induce an explosive orgasm.

Why is meditation such a powerful sexual stimulant?

Meditation brings the mind to center, warding off distraction and releasing stress and other negative energy. It is these things many of us struggle with when trying to get in the mood for sex.

Meditation before sex takes the “trying” out of the equation. You don't have to force yourself into the mood, you simply relax and let go and allow your mind to settle without grasping onto any future goal or thinking about any negative experience of the past.

For this reason, meditation is used as a holistic remedy for those who find it difficult to relax during sexual intercourse, and in cases where erectile dysfunction is caused by nervousness and the inability to relax.

Using a guided meditation, hypnosis recording or binaural beats recording will help you relax, reduce stress and release mental barriers preventing you from reaching the highest points of arousal and stimulation.

The 8 Benefits of Meditation Before Sex

Whether you manage a multiple orgasm or not, the practice of meditation in any of its forms will improve your sex life.

In fact, just reducing your stress levels and learning to relax more will have huge knock-on benefits in the bedroom.

This is because stress produces elevated levels of the hormone Cortisol. And even though our bodies need this hormone in small doses for short bursts of time, if high levels of Cortisol are produced for a prolonged period of time, our appetite for sex begins to diminished.

Here's some of the ways meditation will improve your sex life:

  1. Increased arousal.
  2. Reduced nervousness & feelings of tension.
  3. Increased vitality.
  4. Heightened sensuality and feelings of intimacy.
  5. Increased ability to feel through energy and understand your body.
  6. Increased confidence when being naked and touching your partner.
  7. Increased libido.
  8. Better overall bedroom communication.

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