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15 Simple Ways to Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Try to quiet your mind. What do you feel? Chances are that you’re aware of your pulse. If you get quiet enough, you may just be able to feel the energy buzzing through your veins and circulating through your muscles and the rest of your→ Read more
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How to Use Chakra Healing to Unblock Your Energy Ecosystem

Pills and surgery are proven healers of sickness, and on the surface it seems as if this is enough to keep us healthy. But prevention is always better than cure.
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how to meditate in 6 steps

How to Meditate Properly in 6 Easy Steps

Meditation isn't supposed to be hard. Sure, it is can be a courageous act of surrender and submission, but it's also liberating and cleansing. Not to mention slightly addictive. Considering all the benefits that one can take from meditating regularly, no matter how brief, it would be a shame not→ Read more

How This Special Music Can Stimulate Your Sexual Energy

A study in the scientific American has revealed that when you meditate, the left side of your brain lights up, and when you have sex, the right side of your brain lights up. The study suggests that the brain reacts the same way to sex as it does to meditation, helping dissolve→ Read more
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How to Be in the Moment with Mindfulness Meditation

Amidst the chaos of our busy lives there is a beauty to be found in simply being.
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