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How to Use Binaural Beats for Meditation Practice

Meditation has been practiced for centuries as a way to achieve relaxation and deeper connection with self and spirituality. Today, many people use binaural beats music to assist their meditation sessions. But what is this technology, and how does it work when it comes to meditation? Binaural beats are created when two different sound frequencies […]


15 Simple Ways to Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Try to quiet your mind. What do you feel? Chances are that you’re aware of your pulse. If you get quiet enough, you may just be able to feel the energy buzzing through your veins and circulating through your muscles and the rest of your body. Ever been able to give it a name before? If you answered ‘no,’ I’ve got an answer for you. It can be considered Kundalini.

how to meditate in 6 steps

How to Meditate Properly in 6 Easy Steps

Meditation isn’t supposed to be hard. Sure, it is can be a courageous act of surrender and submission, but it’s also liberating and cleansing. Not to mention slightly addictive. Considering all the benefits that one can take from meditating regularly, no matter how brief, it would be a shame not to try make it a habit.


Using Binaural Beats for Deeper Intimacy & Better Orgasms

Studies have shown that binaural beats music can invoke deeper relaxation, reduce anxiety and help us focus. But can this type of brainwave entrainment assist in reducing the tension and anxiety many people feel around sexual encounters? In this post we look at how you can increase sexual arousal and experience deeper orgasms simply by listening to this music.


A Guide to Walking Meditation and a Simple Practice to Get Started

Walking meditation is a meditative practice that involves slow, purposeful walking. Its goal is to bring the mind and body into synchronization, evoking mindful awareness of what is normally a simple, everyday action. This roots the mind in the present moment, in a similar way to a breathing meditation. It also connects us with nature and our surroundings.

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