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what is the best time to meditate

What is the Best Time to Meditate?

When considering the best time to meditate, one must consider that over thinking meditation is counteractive to achieving a meditative state. When we meditate we are cultivating a state of pure awareness; mindfulness in the present moment, free of attachment and stress. And so to go into a meditation thinking→ Read more
mother nature music for mental peace

Using Mother Nature’s Music to Cultivate Mental Peace

In the modern day humans are moving further away from the natural world. From eating and sleeping habits to work and play, we are engaging in a lifestyle far removed from our primal roots.
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positive energy music

Use Positive Energy Music to Lift Your Mood

We all have those days when we feel out of sorts, those days when we are more susceptible to negativity then others. It could be the weather, it could be that someone has upset us, or it could be that work is getting on top or the bills are piling→ Read more
relaxing sleep music

Discover The Most Relaxing Music For Sleep Ever Made

Listening to relaxing sleep music before bed is a great way to put the day to rest and prepare to hit the pillow. Many people find it hard to sleep because they remain too active close to bedtime, and subsequently find they can't slow the mind down and properly relax→ Read more

Case Study: Using Binaural Beats to Cure Sleep Paralysis

Binaural beats can assist in the reduction of sleep paralysis episodes, controlling those horrible nights when you become paralysed, often feeling like there is someone pinning your chest down while a dark presence stalks the room.
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the worlds most relaxing music

What is The Most Relaxing Music in the World?

Music has the wonderful ability to take us to different places; music can take us from a bad mood to a happy one, and from highly stressed to relaxed in just a few minutes. This is because music stimulates the brain, and the brain associates specific sounds with specific moods,→ Read more © 2011-2020. Mindful Media.