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How Binaural Beats Can Boost Confidence & Improve Self-Esteem

Confidence is all in the mind. It's about mindset, and mindset is difficult to change. The question is: can brainwave entrainment, in this case binaural beats, help you improve your confidence? The short answer is yes, particularly when combined with positive subliminal messaging.→ Read more

How Delta Binaural Beats Work & Their Benefits on Health

To understand delta binaural beats and their benefits, we first need to understand what delta waves are. The delta brainwave state is the lowest in the brainwaves chart. These are slow brainwaves, thus their association with sleep.→ Read more

An Easy Breathing Meditation Technique for Relaxation

Meditation is all about relaxation, and even though specific binaural beats meditation music is engineered to induce deep states of relaxation to combat stress and anxiety or cultivate deeper spiritual awareness, this process can be enhanced by simply learning to breathe properly.→ Read more

Using Binaural Beats During Cataract Surgery Reduces Anxiety

A study has shown that the use of binaural beats during surgery correlates with lower anxiety and reduced systolic blood pressure. The research was carried out on senior patients undergoing cataract surgery. Cataract surgery was chosen because the surgery is typically carried out with local anesthesia, and therefore patients will→ Read more
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Understanding Astral Projection + A Free Mp3 Download to Help You Get Started

We're really excited at BBM this week because last we've just launched a new addition to our catalogue of binaural beats recordings, Astral Projection. This recording has been 5 months in the making, and we are extremely happy with the result. During the testing phases our researchers experienced all kinds→ Read more

The Impact of Binaural Beats on Anxiety: 6 Research Studies Explored

One area that binaural beats have been subject to numerous studies is for depression, anxiety, stress and conditions related to the inability to relax.→ Read more © 2011-2020. Mindful Media.

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