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Are There Any Side Effects to Listening Binaural Beats?

One question people often ask when researching binaural beats is whether or not there are side effects to using the recordings. And you can't blame anyone for wondering, when you consider that brain entrainment changes brain state - even if it does so positively.
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binaural beats for confidence

How Using Binaural Beats Can Boost Confidence

Confidence is about mindset. In other words, with the right coaching tools you can train the mind to be more confident in challenging situations. In fact, people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to learn how to be more confident at seminars with gurus such as Tony Robbins.
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delta binaural beats wave

Understanding How Delta Binaural Beats Work

The delta brainwave state is the lowest zone in the brainwaves chart, and delta binaural beats recordings are created using frequencies between 1-4 Hz. The delta zone is most commonly associated with sleep, and although the brain does cycle through different states during the five stages of sleep, delta is most active→ Read more
breathing meditation

A Quick Lesson in Breathing That Will Improve Your Health

Meditation is all about relaxation, and even though specific binaural beats meditation music is engineered to induce deep states of relaxation to combat stress and anxiety or cultivate deeper spiritual awareness, this process can be enhanced by simply learning to breathe properly.
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how to cure airplane anxiety

Overcome Your Fear of Flying with Our Special Music

We get a lot of emails from people asking whether our meditations can be used to treat various forms of anxiety, and one form that often comes up is airplane anxiety, or being afraid of flying as it is more commonly known. This is quite a unique form of anxiety→ Read more
American Academy Ophthalmology binaural beats research study

Binaural Beats Research: Anxiety Relief During Surgery

A recent study has proven that the use of binaural beats during surgery correlates with less anxiety and reduced systolic blood pressure. The research was carried out on senior patients undergoing cataract surgery. 141 participants were randomly allocated into three groups; binaural beats, musical intervention and control. One group listened to binaural→ Read more

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