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Why You Should Try Enhancing Your Creativity With Binaural Beats

It's no secret that artists and writers have been using music to induce creativity for centuries. Each artist has a particular genre they turn to to get them in the zone.

A writer writing a dark novel might opt for some experimental down-tempo music to induce imagery and encourage characters to come to life, and a painter might opt for organic, melodic instrumental soundscapes to help the creative mind take over the brush.

So why is music such a powerful assistant in the creative process?

The Frequency Response Process

Well, music works in the same way binaural beats work. Music stimulates the brain because it is full of frequencies that heighten awareness and cause the brain to respond in varying ways. This is called “frequency response”.

That's why some music makes us want to party all night long, giving us seemingly endless energy, and other music makes us want to kick back and chill on the sofa with a glass of wine. The goal of a piece of music is to stimulate the listener in a particular way.

Musicians and sound engineers tweak instrumentation with the purpose of creating a specific response from the brain; relaxation, energy, excitement, tensity, etc. Recordings build and drop, taking the brain on a roller coaster that invokes different thoughts and emotions.

A binaural beats recording specifically engineered to induce creativity sends a frequency signal directly to the brain, which stimulates the creative mind.

It's a purer form of inducement than a standard music recording because it's targeted specifically at relaxing the mind and encouraging the creative process.

In addition to the binaural frequency response process, a sound design is  often layered over the top which contributes to the process: for example spacious, dreamy synths will encourage the imagination to to come alive.

No Need For Marijuana or LSD!

Many artists and writers already use traditional meditation as a way of cultivating higher spiritual awareness, and as a way of bringing the mind home, away from the interference of frivolous daily thoughts and emotions that thwart the creative process.

The majority of artists are unable to produce work to demand, which is problematic when trying to earn a living from music, design or writing. An artist can only produce as much material as they have ideas for.

But by using binaural beats for creativity, the artist is able to quickly access the creative realm in a natural way.

I say natural because in previous times musicians and painters have turned to LSD and marijuana to kick-start the creative mind. But with binaural beats technology this isn't necessary.

if you're a writer, poet, musician, songwriter, painter, designer, or working in any other creative area; BBs can help you quickly conquer periods where you feel uninspired or too stressed to work.

Check out our Creativity Boost meditation, which is specifically designed to unlock stress and anxiety and kick-start the creative area of the brain. Start producing your best work to date in just 30 minute's time!

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