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Why Binaural Beats Downloads Are More Expensive Than Music Mp3s

If you’re buying Binaural Beats downloads for the first time,  I’m guessing you’re wondering why binaural downloads are more expensive than downloading standard music recordings via platforms such as iTunes, etc. There are, however, a few good reasons for this, as follows…

1. Quality

You can find Binaural downloads online for as little as $4.99; you may even find some free around the web, and some people even make their own using online software.

However, what you will certainly find is that the more quality brands – renowned for producing results – are generally that bit more expensive. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Binaural beats are very different to standard songs in that they are designed to manipulate a brain state, as well as trying simultaneously to sound pleasing to the ear like a song, which leads us to the next reason for the price.

2. Engineering & Market Testing

Quite simply, the bettered engineered the recordings are the more likely the price is to be higher than the $7 mark (for a single).

This is also due to the cost of market research, which is done through user testing before release. Cheaper recordings tend to be bedroom engineered by amateur creators using free software, and tend not to have been tested for potency prior to release.

3. Duration

A standard song is around the 3-½ minute mark, whereas a binaural meditation recording is usually 15-30 minutes long.

The price doesn’t normally change much for anywhere in between. And so, if you consider the duration and the user testing involved, this goes some way in explaining the price. There is, however, another reason.

4. Vendor Management Costs

The majority of artists/musicians are able to sell music digitally thru iTunes and other digital music marketplaces. This simply requires a one-time upload process thru a company like CDBaby. The song is then distributed for download, worldwide. A

ll further management is automated. Binaural beats downloads, because of the file size, aren’t suited to iTunes and other digital platforms. This is because the file becomes overly compressed during the upload process, reducing quality and effectiveness.

This means that vendors have to manage an eCommerce store to support distribution, which incurs management, admin, payment gateway and hosting costs.

It also means vendors don’t have access to the wider market that iTunes and other digital platforms offer. This distribution model therefore dictates a different price model.

5. After Sales Support

It’s important to remember that even though the price is higher than standard music downloads, the value is greater. This is because to get the most out of binaural beats downloads, users (especially new meditators) usually need after sales support to help them get the best from the recordings.

We provide our users with a PDF user guide and 24-hour customer support. So should you accidentally delete your download or experience problems with playback on a particular device, we’re on hand to help you out. None of this is on offer, or indeed required, with standard music downloads: You pay, you download, and you’re on your own, technical problems or not.

Whether you need a BBM recording replaced next week or in 2 years, just drop us a message and we’ll send it through again. Now that’s lifetime guarantee value you can’t beat!

We are doing our best to be as competitive as possible. We currently offer high quality recordings start at just $9.95. We also offer our Mega Meditation Pack which comprises 12 30-minute meditations for just $59.99 – just $4.99 per meditation.

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