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6 Reasons Binaural Beats Cost More Than Music On iTunes

If you’re buying Binaural Beats / brainwave entrainment music for the first time,  I guess you might be wondering why the music costs more than standard music downloads bought from iTunes or other download stores.

There are a number of good reasons for this. This type of music is quite different from your average song or instrumental, and offers more value in a number of ways.

Let me explain…

One of the key benefits of binaural beats is the power to create better, more positive states of mind conducive to your well-being.

1. Not Just Any Old Music

Let's start out with the fundamental benefit of binaural beats. This isn't just normal music; it's music designed to improve mood, to help you relax, sleep better, improve memory, be more creative, motivated, productive and much more.

Of course, all music should be enjoyable, but not all music can entrain your brain for a healthier balance and mindset.

So there is greater inherent value in brainwave entrainment music.

More on that here. 

But there's more. So let's move on.

2. Duration: Long-Play Music

The  most obvious aspect that separates this type of music from a standard pop song of 3 and a half minutes long, for example, is the duration of the music.

Like other forms of meditation music and long-play instrumental music, you get more value for your money because the composition is longer.

For example: the minimum duration of one of our recordings is 30 minutes.  we also provide versions that are one-hour long, and in some instances two hours long.

3. Better Value

We can't speak for other providers of similar music, but we don't just provide one track with each of our products. We provide multiple versions with each product

Some of our products such as our subliminal messaging catalogue, with  four different recordings: 30-minute, 1-hour, audible affirmations version, silent affirmations version.

So, for our standard price of $9.95, you are just receiving one track, but instead a minimum of two tracks and in some cases three or four –  depending on the product.

And we go the extra mile when it comes to customer service (see point 5).  Right from the get go, we want our customers to enjoy their listening experience as much as possible and get as much as they can out of it.

To help kick this off, we offer a free download and a free guide for all prospective customers. You can download that here. 

4. Music/Sound Design Quality

There is a notable spectrum of quality when it comes to brainwave entrainment music. You get what you pay for.

You may have heard some very questionable amateur productions available for download online or from free video platforms around the web.

With all due respect, such productions are made by amateur producers in their bedrooms, the majority of whom haven't got any idea of how to produce this music properly.

There are stores online that sell downloads for as little as $3-5. Many of these stores use the same music overlay for each track, or a variation of. This usually includes a very simple backing track of rain, ocean waves  or some other natural ambience.  There is little thought put into creating unique  composition.

So it goes without saying that brands with a good reputation are going to be a little bit more expensive. The reason for this is that the music is produced in a professional  studio environment by experienced engineers and music producers.

Not to mention that this type of music differs from normal music in that it requires a knowledge of how to create binaural beats frequencies, which frequencies to use and how best to develop a musical composition that complements the desired entrainment.

Perhaps the most  difficult aspect of producing brainwave entrainment music with a unique sound design is creating a composition that sounds very pleasing to the year while entraining the brain to the intended state.

We have a detailed post on what to look for in the quality of binaural beats here.

5. Website & Relationship Management

The majority of artists/musicians are able to sell music digitally through iTunes and other digital music marketplaces.

This requires a one-time upload process through a company like CDBaby. The song is then distributed for download, worldwide.

All further management of the music is automated.

Generally, long-play music such as the music we sell is not suited to this form of distribution. The file size is restrictive and results in high compression during uploading and streaming (when using services like Spotify). This reduces quality and effectiveness.

Our music is therefore stored on a server, from which our customers can download their music at any time. We offer a lifetime guarantee, so if a customer ever loses their downloads they can download them again immediately.

But it isn't just that. With this type of music, people require information and support. We get lots of questions about our music prior to people buying, and we maintain relationships with our customers, some of which have now spanned many years.

We stay in contact with our customers and quite often provide them with discounts on new releases. This type of relationship is not possible through an anonymous digital platform.

Managing an online eCommerce store incurs costs such as employing someone to handle customer service (his name is James, BTW), payment gateway and server/hosting costs, etc.

In short, this distribution model dictates a different pricing model.

6. After Sales Support

We pride ourselves on our customer support, which we provide 7 days a week – albeit with limited service on a Saturday and Sunday.

As previously mentioned, all our products, the lifetime guarantee. When you place an order, you are giving your own personal account where all your orders are stored and can be downloaded at any time.

We provide FAQs, technical support to help you download your products to different devices, and a friendly email service  Whenever you want to ask us a question.

you have a read about testimonials, it is clear that our customers value this.

Yes our binaural beats meditation music is more expensive that a standard song on iTunes, but I think you'll agree that the type of music it is, the quality, extra value and customer service makes up for that.

There's more good news, too:  we usually have a special discount place, and we offer a discount or many of our multipacks. Our most valuable offering is the mega meditation pack. You can either buy the standard pack as it is, which comes with 12 downloads, or, you can choose 12 of your own downloads and save 60%!

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