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Beta waves are fast brainwaves, cycling between 14 and 30 cycles per second.

You may see some sources citing that beta starts at 15 and ends at 40 Hz; that’s because there’s some contention over where it starts and ends.

Our Beta binaural beats music is therefore focused on high brainwave activities such as learning, and energy and action.

If you were to take a screenshot of the brain when it is actively engaged in mental activities, you would see an abundance of Beta waves. Beta waves are the fastest of the four main brainwaves. But there is also a fifth, Gamma, which is faster.

Beta waves are characteristic of a strongly engaged mind. For example, when we are in deep conversation, like a debate, the brain would be producing Beta waves.

Similarly, a person making a speech, or an actor playing a part, would be producing an abundance of Beta waves when they are engaged in their actions.

Our Beta Binaural Beats

Beta is quite a wide spectrum, so there’s a huge difference between 13 Hz and 30 Hz.

At the lower end the results would be more akin to the Alpha state below it, and the higher up the scale you go the higher energy the brainwaves become.

For example: Energy Express sits at 30 Hz for the majority of the track – stimulating your brain for high-energy activities.

This is ideal for those days when you feel lethargic and drowsy, perhaps after a late night, or when you are recovering from illness.

A combination of entrainment using Alpha and Beta waves can complement each other. For example, our Super Brain Power track contains both Alpha and Beta frequencies, at 10 Hz and 18 Hz, respectively.

These two frequencies are noted for improvements in memory, particularly in retaining information when reading and studying; making Super Brain Power a great tool for those who want to improve passive recall performance.

This type of information retention targets learning in the short and medium terms. For improving long-term memory, you should look into our Memory Enhancer track, which uses Gamma frequencies at 40 Hz.

How Our Music Works

Our Beta binaural beats are essentially frequencies (sound waves) laid underneath ambient, relaxing music.

When listening to the music, your brain begins to follow along and produce brainwaves in line with the frequency of the track. This shifts the brain into the desired state.

This is a naturally occurring science called ‘frequency following response’. This enables us to entrain the brain for particular states of being; states such as deep relaxation, focus, and sleep, etc.

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All our Beta binaural beats are instantly downloadable. You will receive a 30-minute version and a 1-hour version of each track you download.

The music comes in the highest quality .mp3 format and can be shared on any digital device that supports music playback: computer, phone, tablet, mp3 player, etc.

We also provide you with a user guide that provides tips on how to get the most out of your listening experience. You can also refer to our FAQ for guidance.