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Discover The 5 Successful Traits of Positive Thinkers

Positive thinking is essential for attracting the things we want in life. Positive thinking helps us overcome self-defeating thoughts, challenging circumstances and negative behaviours.

Negative thinking breeds fear and insecurity and puts up barriers that stop us moving forward to greener pastures.

That said, it's too much of  a generalisation to say that there are two types of thinkers – positive and negative – because some would argue they air on the side of realism, as opposed to having their heads in the positive cloud, and others of course fall somewhere in between.

However, regardless of your opinion on whether you're a positive or negative thinker, scientific research has shown that optimal life performance requires a 3:1 ratio between positive and negative thoughts.

Regardless of the science, positive people enjoy life more. We see this in everyday situations. Positive people live more in the present moment, seizing opportunities and making things happen.

They forgive more, love more, appreciate more and see the good in things, where possible. This naturally leads to increased success, happiness and prosperity.

If we take the archetypal positive person and break down their personality traits, there are 5 clearly identifiable traits that make them stand out from the crowd. By learning and adopting these traits, we can begin to adopt them into our lives and enjoy the same rewards.

The 5 Successful Traits of Positive Thinkers

1. Self-Belief

Positive thinkers have endless faith in themselves. There's no “I can't” or “I'm not capable”, because a positive thinker knows that success is inevitable if they commit to a task and maintain self-belief throughout the process.

This unbreakable confidence makes any challenge seem possible, and ultimately helps positive thinkers reach great heights of success.

2. Passion

Whether work or play, positive thinkers enjoy life with a passion. Sure, they thrive on challenge and learning new things, and never waste valuable time being idle, but most importantly, they make time to be passionate about the people they love and the gift of life.

This passion is therefore all encompassing; embracing the world in its entirety and making the most of each beautiful day, no matter rain or shine.

3. Courage

A positive mindset helps us overcome limiting fears and beliefs and cultivate courage and perseverance. Without a positive outlook, thoughts of what bad might happen in the future prevent us from truly living in the now.

Positive thinkers have the courage to move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity, no matter who or what stands in the way. This enables them to continually move to the next level of greatness, be it work, relationships or health.

4. Gratitude

Positive thinkers are always grateful for life, even through bad times. They recognize that complaining and criticizing are negative traits, and pointless ones that only lead us down a road to more negativity.

You will rarely find a positive thinker complaining – at least not for long. There's (usually) always something to be thankful for, so whenever you feel down, try to find the silver lining in the clouds and appreciate the positives.

5. Focus

To keep moving forward positively, one must remain in the present and focused on the next positive step. Positive thinkers focus on creating their reality in the now, rather than allowing negative thoughts of past events to creep in and hold them back.

They look forward to the goal, mentally mapping out every checkpoint on the pathway to success, and visualizing what the final destination looks and feels like, rather than fearing failure or negative consequences.

– Would you like to be more of a positive thinker?

– Would you like to increase your ratio of positive thoughts?

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  1. Alyssa Bolduc

    Positive Mind Set: The power of positive thinking that can make you strive to succeed in anything, and even when you don’t succeed, you still came over the top because you have tried.

    1. Spot on, Alyssa. I love that: you still win if you don’t succeed, because you tried and put in your best. Have a great day!

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