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How to Create Your Own Binaural Beats Album

Creating a binaural beats album is easy enough to do but there are a few things you should consider first.

It's not quite like buying a normal music album, because this is essentially a personal development tool that you will want to tailor to your specific needs.

You won't listen to the album in one sitting either, and you will curate the listening order/routine – which we'll discuss further down the page.

Moreover, unlike a standard music album, your album will come with more than one version of the music. You will receive a 30-minute version, and a separate 60-minute version, with the latter designed to give you a long play listening experience.

Our subliminal range also comes with additional versions.

The files you receive can be downloaded permanently and shared amongst any of your devices, without limitation.

Once you have placed your order, you will also receive a password that enables you to log into your account at any time in the future and download your files. This is part of our lifetime guarantee promise.


So what is the best way to go about creating a binaural beats album for yourself. Well, generally, our special music falls into 4 categories:

There are a number of different products under each of these categories, so you'll want to consider which areas you want to address and then see what products are available under each category. We've linked the categories above so that you can click on them and go straight to the relevant pages.

Buying a Readymade Pack Vs Making Your Own

We do have readymade packages to get you started, which are like mini-albums that come with six recordings inside. But you can put together your own album together too. Best value is our Mega Pack, so let's have a look at that.

The Mega Meditation Pack

The Mega Pack is our most popular product. If you add 12 products to the cart you will automatically create a Mega Pack and a 40% discount will be automatically applied.

Alternatively, you can buy our ready-made Mega Pack, which we have curated ourselves and also comes with 12 downloads.

At the time of writing we also have a 20% discount on all products, so if you wanted to make a smaller album for yourself, of perhaps three or four products, then you can also do that and enjoy a discount.

Example of a Personalized Binaural Beats Album

If you're unsure where to start, I'll give you an example of an album that I would put together if I were to buy one today.

Let's say I purchased the following:

  1. Zen Focus
  2. Deep Meditation
  3. Blissful Sleep
  4. Flow State
  5. Power Nap
  6. Exercise Motivation
  7. Energy Express
  8. Deep Sleep
  9. Chill Pill
  10. Abundance Meditation
  11. Chakra Healing
  12. Anxiety Release

That's 12 products – a custom Mega Pack!

So how would I go about listening to this album?

Well, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I wouldn't be sitting down and listening to all these recordings in one sitting; that would actually take me six or 12 hours, depending on whether I was listening to the 30 minute versions of the 60 minute versions.

No, instead I would design a listening routine.

Creating a Listening Routine

For beginners we generally advise that you start by creating a listening routine of three recordings a day.

That could mean listening to the same recording twice and one other, three different recordings, or even the same recording three times a day.

You can listen to more than that if you feel comfortable doing so; this is just a general starting point.

For example: I might listen to Deep Meditation/Abundance Meditation in the morning to start my day, Zen Focus in the mid-morning to help me be more productive at work, and then Blissful Sleep an hour before bed to wind down.

I could do this routine for one week, and then the following week start a new routine that might consist of: Energy Express/Chakra Healing in the morning, Flow State after lunch, and then Chill Pill/Deep Sleep when I get home from work to de-stress.

Or, how about Positive Thinking to start the day, Power Nap/Chakra Healing at lunchtime, then Exercise Motivation a couple of hours before my run in the evening.

When to Listen

There are many listening combinations, but the important thing to consider is what will be conducive to what you want to achieve at a particular time of day in a particular circumstance.

It's pretty easy really. For example you wouldn't want to listen to Deep Sleep in the morning, or Energy Express in the evening.

Because of the cumulative effect of brainwave entrainment, it is good to focus on a particular area for a solid period of time. This is particularly the case where our subliminal messaging range is concerned.

So if you have a really tough time focussing when working at home, I'd recommend listening to Zen Focus, or Flow State, while you work in the morning to entrain your brain into that ‘Zen Zone'.

Do this daily for a week or more until you feel that when you sit down to work your brain automatically engages and you concentrate with little effort.

We have a PDF user guide you can download free, along with a sample of one of our recordings. This user guide explains in greater detail how to get the most out of our special music. Please note that you will also get a copy of this user guide with your order.

Ordering Your Binaural Beats Album

Ordering is really simple. If you click on an image of one of the products inside our store page, it will take you to the product page where you can listen to a sample of the music.

You can then use one of the add to cart buttons to add the product to your cart.

Each page also has a list of recommended related products, so you may want to click on one of those and check out the information and sample for that product, as it may complement your album.

Otherwise, you can simply click back to the store and choose another product.

If you're on mobile, you'll see that our store page has add to cart buttons underneath each of our products. This enables you to add a product to the cart without needing to go into the store page or listen to the sample.

A lot of our regular customers appreciate this feature because it means they don't have to fiddle about as much on the smaller mobile phone screen when making an order.

In Summary

So, to quickly summarize what we've covered in this article, here's a bullet-point rundown on how to get started creating your binaural beats album:

  • Consider what you want to achieve: relaxation and stress relief, anxiety reduction, better sleep, deep meditation, spiritual connection, etc.
  • Choose a readymade album or create your own.
  • Click on the product images on the store page to see product information and listen to a sample.
  • Note that discounts are added once you get to the cart page.
  • You will receive your download links via order confirmation email as soon as your check out.
  • Map out an easy listening routine, starting with 3 sessions per day (can extend to more once you're comfortable).
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