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Astral Projection Guide & Free mp3 Download to Start Your Travel

Your free astral projection mp3 download is linked at the bottom of this page, but before you jump down to that, we'd like to give you some advice on how to get the most out of the track and improve your chances of astral travel.

In this post we'll cover exactly what astral projection is, what to expect, and how best to achieve it.

astral projection mp3

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is similar to that of an OBE (Out of Body Experience): you separate your spiritual body from your physical body and enter a dream-like state that is essentially another realm or dimension.

However, it should be noted that astral projection is not simply a dream, but a real spiritual occurrence of travel.

This concept has been about for hundreds of years, with shamans and spiritualists of different traditions believing that it is possible to communicate with cosmic intelligence through the visions and dreams experienced during astral travel.

Many people report having such experiences. Indeed, some 8 to 20 percent of people have had an out-of-body experience, which is characterized as the consciousness, or spirit, leaving the physical body.

In the modern day there are many books, seminars, and courses on astral projection, and people spend a fair amount of money trying to achieve astral travel. However, there are lots of tips you can learn free to help you on your quest, which we'll discuss below.

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel is the journey you take during your projection.

The soul/spirit goes on a journey to higher realms and other dimensions.

Astral travel is akin to what many describe as their experience during near death experiences: where bright lights, tunnels and second worlds are experienced in a very real way.

The concept of astral travel is derived from the philosophy of Plato, who considered the astral plane to be made up of the planetary heavens of Astrology. Astral travel is your consciousness exploring these other worlds.

The Astral Body

This term is simply a reference to the vehicle you travel in while projecting, which is your spiritual being.

This is usually described as a swirl of colors, like an aura. It represents the soul, or the spirit.

You may not be able to see these colors yourself, though others traveling the astral plane may see you in this form.

Consider that some people have a higher clairvoyance power than others, and as such can see auras very easily and without practice. These people may see your aura in the physical world too.

Is Astral Projection Real?

Astral Projection has been and continues to be experienced by hundreds of thousands of people. Many people claim to travel on a weekly basis.

The practice has been around for hundreds of years, albeit perceived differently by different societies at different times.

It is cited in major religions (Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism), and similar concepts of “soul” travel appear in various ancient civilizations like Egypt, China, and India.

For example, ancient Egyptian teachings present the soul as “having the ability to hover outside the physical body”.

What to Expect During Astral Projection

Everyone's experience is different and is personal to their energy. However, in these dimensions, you will encounter other beings, spirits and souls.

You will traverse landscapes that will be wholly unfamiliar at first, somewhat daunting and perhaps a little scary in places.

At first it will be hard to get to grips with the beings you see and to identify the intentions of others, but with experience you will sense each being's energy and whether it is positive or negative.

In time, you will learn to fully trust your own energy and what it is telling you.

Following your intuition is the key to successful astral projection; this is how you train, stimulate and in time activate your third eye, which must happen for projection to occur.

Is Astral Projection Easy?

Astral projection is not easy and takes practice, regardless of the method or training you have received.

Practitioners often experience astral travel when they are in the early stages of sleep, when the body is very relaxed; and at times when attempting to nap in the afternoon. This is similar to how lucid dreaming occurs, but the two are not the same – see below.

Some people also report episodes of astral projection when under the influence of cannabis.

However, this may simply be a hallucinatory experience and not real astral travel. Please also be aware that cannabis may be illegal in your state or country and may affect your mental health.

The fact is, astral projection isn't something anyone can do on demand, and like meditation it takes practice to open the third eye and separate the consciousness from the physical body.

The mind needs to be in a state conducive to astral travel: totally relaxed, centered and spiritually porous.

This is why astral projection is generally considered to be easiest when you have just woken up. At this time it is easier for the mind to slip into a state between wakefulness and sleep, to activate the third eye and then step onto the astral plane.

What's the Difference Between Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming?

As previously mentioned, some of the techniques that induce astral projection are also prescribed for lucid dreaming. However, the two are considerably different.

Lucid dreaming is to maintain awareness in your dream, and to gain the ability to control the characters and environment in the dreamscape. Astral Projection is to separate your spiritual body from your physical body and visit another dimension.

How Can Binaural Beats Assist Astral Projection?

Binaural beats music is able to entrain the brain to specific states of being. These tracks are commonly used to access higher states of consciousness; for meditation, deep flow, lucid dreaming, and pain relief, among others.

See here for a full run down on how the science behind binaural beats works.

By using carefully designed binaural beats composition, we can cultivate the brain state most conducive to astral projection.

Our astral projection track uses a blueprint of frequencies spanning the Alpha, Theta and Delta zones.

The track is designed to take the mind on a journey, encouraging a deeply relaxed, dreamy state as we weave down through these three brain states and arriving at a state of deep meditate consciousness (not sleep) at approximately 8-10 minutes in.

This is the point where the listener will begin their astral journey, as the third eye is stimulated and the portal begins to open to allow the separation of consciousness from the physical body.

Additionally, the track's etheric soundscape is also designed to evoke a trance-like state, conducive to the inner awareness required for astral projection.

astral projection mp3 guide

How to Achieve Astral Projection

The best way to achieve astral projection is to follow our 6-step guide below, which is also featured in our guidebook that comes with our full length track.

The technique is based around listening to the track.

Step 1: Deep Relaxation

The first step in achieving astral projection is to simply relax, both physically and mentally.

Find a comfortable space free of distraction.

This should be a place where no one will be likely to disturb you. Turn off your phone and any other electronic distractions such as the television or radio.

You must empty your mind as best you can to allow for deep relaxation.

Ignore thought processes that pull your concentration in different directions; just let thoughts float away and allow yourself to remain as centered as possible.

If you are an experienced meditator, you may choose to sit in the traditional lotus meditation position. If you don’t want to sit cross-legged, then simply lie down on a bed or sofa, or perhaps the floor with a cushion to rest your head comfortably.

Ideally, the astral projection track should be played back on an mp3 player (iPod/smartphone) so that you can rest the player next to you and place the earphones in/over your ears comfortably.

If you have Bluetooth headphones, you can use those.

If you are listening through a computer or stereo system, make sure you use headphones with a sufficiently long lead, so that you won’t be distracted by any tension in the cord.

Once you are in a comfortable position, press play on the track.

Step 2: Entering the Hypnagogic State

As the music begins, close your eyes and imagine emptying your mind of thoughts.

Watch as perceptions, judgments and feelings leave your presence through the top of you head.

Let go of any arising thoughts or emotions; simply allow them come into the space and drift away into the distance.

The idea is to bring the consciousness and physical body into complete alignment. Once this is achieved, you can begin to separate the two.

Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, watching the rise and fall of your breath as you inhale and exhale: inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3, exhale 4, and so fourth.

This simple breathing exercise, coupled with listening to the track, will soon have you entering the hypnagogic state, the state bordering sleep.

You must hover on this border and not fall asleep.

Try to passively watch the imagery that enters your mind while simultaneously remaining aware of your “being”.

It is imperative that you maintain this state of near-sleep.

Step 3: Embracing Neural Discharges

Begin to observe your field of vision through your closed eyes. Stare deeply into the blackness in front of you; this will help you maintain a grip on your consciousness.

At this stage, neural discharges may begin to invade your space. This is a sign that your third eye is being stimulated.

These discharges will appear as rays of light and colorful spots that often dance around.

The deeper you relax, the quicker this stage usually subsides. But don’t try to rush to the next level.

Many people see these neural discharges and think they are almost at the portal of astral projection. In their excitement they disturb the process and suddenly the colors disappear and wakefulness consumes the body, taking them back to step 1.

Instead, embrace this stage in a calm, controlled manner: explore the lights intimately; lose yourself in them. The trick is to follow them as they disappear, but don’t hold on or become desperate to see where they lead.

Allow your field of vision to move with them as they dissipate, and then move towards the next light or sign that comes into your presence.

As the discharges fade, you will slowly begin to lose awareness of your body and sensory stimulation.

This is your consciousness beginning to separate from your physical body. You are now ready to step into a void, in which all that exists is your awareness.

Step 4: Entering the Embryonic Stage of Travel

As your consciousness separates further, you will experience a mild tingling in your body, similar to that of an electrical charge shooting through the body.

No one can say for sure why this happens, but many practitioners experience this sensation prior to the opening of the astral gateway.

It is therefore considered that this is the stage where the astral body is trying to leave the physical body; the stage where the silver cord develops.

As soon as this embryonic stage begins, mentally push the vibrational waves through your body, from head to toe.

Allow the charge to surge through and consume your body.

It may feel slightly disconcerting at first, but if you become fearful and don’t empower yourself with this energy, you will break the connection and return entirely to your normal, physical state.

Step 5: Opening Your Third Eye

It is now time to begin the separation. Here you will need to control your thoughts and keep your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body.

This is the point where the majority of unsuccessful projections occur.

People have a tendency to get excited or fearful, and often distracted by their immediate environment, which results in a complete loss of connection.

With your eyes remaining closed, concentrate on the middle of your forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. This is where the third eye is located.

Visualize this area opening slowly, creating a gateway for you to the astral plane.

Do not adjust your position or allow your mind to wander. Keep your mind centered and channel your vibrational energy toward the opening of the third eye.

Step 6: Leaping Through the Portal

See the portal opening in front of you. Think how exciting and amazing it would be to float up and enter through its gate.

As the light pours in and it appears wide enough to enter, feel yourself getting lighter and lighter as you begin to float upwards and away from your body.

Now is the time to take your leap through the portal.

Don’t look back; just keep going.

In the early stages of your practice, this window of opportunity may be rare and won’t last long.

Keep your eye on the gateway. If it begins to close in front of you, leap quickly and try to make it through.

If you miss your opportunity, don’t panic; stay focused and keep channeling your vibrational energy towards the portal.

It can reopen, if you remain positive and allow the energy of your third eye to empower your intuition and allow the separation of consciousness to occur.

Your Free Astral Projection mp3 Download

If you want to test out out Astral Projection track, or don't have the funds for the full experience, you can download a free 10-minute sample.

This free astral projection mp3 doesn't come with the 32-page guide, but you'll get a feel for just how powerful this audio is and its potential to help you with your astral journey.

Once downloaded, follow the steps set out above to start stimulating your third eye and practicing astral projection.

At first you can read the steps while listening, but ultimately you want to learn the steps and be able to go through them on autopilot without reading or even thinking too much about them.

We recommend starting your journey after you wake up in the morning, or in the afternoon when you feel like taking a nap; though you can practice at any time you are in a quiet, undistracted place.

To start with, just practice losing yourself in the track and letting yourself fall into intuition.

If you enjoy the experience and want the full 30-minute and 1-hour versions and guidebook, you can grab them here.

When you download the free astral projection mp3, depending on the device you are using, it may open in your browser window and begin to play immediately.

To save it to your computer, simply right-click on the page and select ‘save audio as'.

You can also go to ‘file' > ‘save as' in your browser's menu.

If you are on an iPhone or iPod, you will probably have to stream the sample in your Safari or Chrome browser window, or use an app like Aloha to download it.

+ Download your free Astral Projection mp3


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